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04 Freestar - Controls are backwards for Rear AC?

Discussion in 'Heating and Air Conditioning' started by bkimbel, May 11, 2018.

  1. bkimbel

    bkimbel New Member

    Jul 29, 2010
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    Bentonville, Arkansas
    I have a 2004 Freestar. Late last summer, as it was getting cooler, I noticed that if the REAR AC was running along with the front AC that I would be getting hot air blowing down my back from the ceiling vents.

    Since it was getting into the cooler months, I just stopped using the rear AC. But now it's getting hot again...

    I've read a lot of entries here and other places, and finally pulled the left rear panel off so I could check connectors and pipe heating. With the upfront Rear AC controls set to max cooling, the pipes to the condenser are cold, but hot air is coming out the ceiling vents.

    And as I'm reaching to turn off the engine, I set the up front Rear AC controls to maximum heat to see what would happen, and the hot air from the ceiling vents went away. Thinking it just wasn't cooling back there, I stuck my hand in front of the rear floor outlet and had this beautiful cool air coming out. I switched it back and forth between heat and AC, and it's consistent.

    HEAT makes it cold on the floor. COLD makes it hot on the roof. Plenty of airflow in each position.

    So what is the most likely culprit? Any thoughts? Why is my Freestar mixed up?

  2. Action

    Action Moderator Staff Member Respected Member

    Mar 22, 2014
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    Phoenix, AZ 85008
    Initially I was going to say you have a blend air door motor issue. A common problem where the motor gears break and the door stays in one position. ..... A blend air door blends the hot and cold air depending on what you select.

    However that isn't the problem if the temperature of the air changes. The blend air door is doing the opposite temperature of what is selected.
    Selecting heat should put air on the floor.
    Selecting AC should put the air in the roof.

    I don't know what the repair will be. And a shop manual is definitely needed.


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