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2001 Windstar fuel pump problem??

Discussion in 'Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle' started by bige7676, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. bige7676

    bige7676 New Member

    Jan 5, 2017
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    My mother owns a 2001 ford windstar. Occasionally, whenever it has been warmer (30 plus) outside then gets drastically colder (teens) the van does not start. I do not hear the duwl pump come on. This happened last year and the mechanic said there was a loose wire under the fuel pump relay. Now this year, it did it again a few weeks back and it started right up when it got warmer outside and now last night since it's in the single digits, it will now not start again. I was wondering if anyone had this similar issue or a mechanic who might now what's going on....Thanks!
  2. Dominick 1

    Dominick 1 Well-Known Member Respected Member

    Dec 26, 2014
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    Parkersburg Wv
    Welcome to the forum
    Have you checked the inertia switch?
    RenderIllustration[1].jpg 9341 is the inertia switch
  3. Action

    Action Moderator Staff Member Respected Member

    Mar 22, 2014
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    Phoenix, AZ 85008
    Welcome to the FFO.

    To recap the concern - Engine cranks and does not start at temps in the teens. (I assume fahrenheit. Because we have a lot of users outside of the US and you did not include your location in your profile) In addition, you do not hear the fuel pump come on. If this is NOT the concern please post back.

    To confirm the fuel pump is working or not at any temp, with key on engine off put a pressure gauge on the shrader valve on the fuel rail. Don't have a gauge!!! Just use a wooden stick (a pencil may work) to push in the shrader valve. Only for a second because fuel may spray out under 40PSI. If there is 37, 38 PSI with a gauge or fuel is spraying with a stick the pump is working. If the pump is not working a loose wire at the relay is very unikely. Loose wire issues are usually NOT temperature related. And most fuel pump relays are in a box with no wires. Th relay plugs into the connectors in a box that looks like a fuse box. Many times abeled a power center.

    Then you have to look at -

    Is engine cranking speed too low?
    Old oil or wrong weight oil
    Weak battery or starter
    Bad electrical connections in the starter circuit

    Is spark not accepatble inside the combustion chnmber?
    Old or bad spark plugs
    Old spark plug wires
    Coil(s) weak


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