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Collection sell off.

Discussion in 'Ford Parts for Sale' started by Ghostrider 67, May 9, 2018.

  1. Ghostrider 67

    Ghostrider 67 New Member

    May 9, 2018
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    Okay, I have a friend who is selling off his tractor trailer full, 40 ft long, of blocks, heads, pistons, rods, etc. Plus everything in his shop including Sunnen hone, tire machine, industrial sandblast cabinet, parts washer cabinet, welding stuff, tools compressors, etc. Lathe for drums and discs, Smith 100 compressor, dump truck.

    The blocks and all in the trailer are already machined, and or bored decked aligned etc, greased and bagged. heads too are rebuilt completely and milled and bagged or boxed.

    340, 360, 383, 440, slant 6's, all makes as well in all sizes. Including 428, 429, Boss 302, 289, 401, 455, 454, 396, 327, 350, 400. seriously folks, going cheap.
    The inventory is numbered and corresponds to the boxes and bags which are also numbered. the inventory is some 30 pages of legal tablet single spaced...stay tuned and or PM me with your desires and I will see about it. Lots of 340/360 stuff...remember,all are already machined and ready to run, not rusted solid junk. looked in several bags and boxes, could not tell if it was new or redone. All in Goshen , VT.

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