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Ford Aspire

Measured against other cars in this class, it's reasonably roomy and does have its appeal. It's well-suited for use as a second or third family car, with safety features that take some of the worry out of handing it over to younger drivers. And it's an excellent commuter vehicle - comfortable, durable and cheap to operate. Production: 1994 - 1997
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Ford Contour

Ford Contour combines sporty driving dynamics with the comfort and practicality of a four-door sedan. It doesn't have the rear-seat space of a Taurus, but Ford improved rear legroom and revised the styling. Contour SVT pours on the coal with a higher output version of the Duratec V6, a sports suspension and bigger brakes. Production: 1995 - 2000
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Ford Crown Victoria

Though they were what most people drove in the 1950s and 1960s, full-size cars like the Ford Crown Victoria are now an anomaly. But Ford's biggest sedan still offers significant virtues, including affordable V8 performance and room for six people. Today, the Crown Victoria's passenger and cargo volumes compare favorably against fashionable SUVs. Production: 1955 - 1956; 1992 - 2009
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Ford Escort

Ford Escort ZX2 is a hot-looking compact coupe with a rakish design. Yet its handsome interior reveals a roomy back seat and surprisingly large trunk. ZX2 provides responsive handling and good road manners and its engine delivers decent power. At the same time, the ZX2 is a practical car, with plenty of room in the back seats for friends. Production: 1981 - 2003
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Ford Exp

The EXP's body rode on the Escort's 94.2 inch wheelbase, with that car's front-wheel drive running gear, four-wheel independent suspension, and dashboard. The EXP was longer, lower, and sportier than the Escort. Performance wasn't the cars strong suit. The EXP weighed about 200 pounds more than Escort but carried the same 1.6 L CVH I4 engine rated at 70 hp. Production: 1982 - 1988
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Ford Fairmont

The Ford Fairmont was an all-new, rear wheel drive compact car introduced in 1978 and sold through 1983. Coupe, sedan, and wagon bodies appeared at introduction, joined slightly later by a specialty coupe with a different roofline known as the Futura. The Fairmont Futura featured an unusual two-piece vinyl roof with an upswept central roof band. Production: 1978 - 1983
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Ford Festiva

The Ford Festiva was introduced for 1988. Three trim levels were offered: L, L Plus, and LX. The Festiva's 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine switched from carburetion to fuel injection in 1989-90. For '90, a 5-speed manual transmission was standard and a 3-speed automatic optional. Festivas got a fresh grille and taillamps for 1990, and motorized front shoulder belts replaced manual belts. Production: 1986 - 1997
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Five Hundred

Ford Five Hundred looks like just another conservatively styled family sedan. But peel away the Passat-like sheet metal and you will find a well engineered, highly competent chassis, much of it lifted from the Ford-owned Volvo S80. The Five Hundred sedan will be sharing this new Volvo-derived platform with the Ford Freestyle untapped markets. Production: 2004 - 2007
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Ford Granada

The Ford Granada name was retained, but the Monarch name was replaced by Cougar in Mercury's lineup. Styling of these cars resembled a slightly bigger and more formal version of the Fairmont, with upgraded interior trim. Base power for the Fox-body Granada was a 2.3 L I4, with an optional 200 cid straight six and 255 cubic inch V8. Production: 1975 - 1982
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Ford GT

Powered by a 550-horsepower V8, fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and capable of speeds in excess of three times the legal maximum in most states. Although bordering on what some might consider Spartan in amenities, it's surprisingly comfortable and accommodating for a high-performance sports car. Production: 2003 - 2006
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Ford Maverick

The first Ford Maverick was a rear wheel drive compact car that was built from 1970 to 1977 in the USA. The original model was a 2-door sedan priced at $1,995. The Maverick was designed to be inexpensive and easy to build, and easily repaired by shade tree mechanics. The Ford Maverick was styled with a long hood, fastback roof, and short deck on a 103" wheelbase. Production: 1970 - 1977
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Ford Probe

The Probe appeared in 1988 and lasted until 1997 in the United States. It was based on a series of futuristic concept cars of the early 1980s, the likes of which have been seen in films like Judge Dredd, Back to the Future Part II and Total Recall. It was a coupe based on the Mazda GD platform, and was powered by a 2.2 L SOHC I4 cylinder Mazda F2 engine. Production: 1989 - 1997
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Ford Tempo

The Ford Tempo is an American-built two-door coupe and four-door sedan produced by the Ford Company from 1984 to 1994. It was the successor to the Ford Fairmont, and was replaced in 1994 by the Ford Contour. The Tempo was part of a rejuvenation by Ford to offer more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and more modern styled models to compete with the imports. Production: 1984 - 1994
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Ford ThunderBird

Ford thought they'd take their own stab at the nostalgia business. There are quite a few last-century icons that wear the blue oval. For a revival subject, why not use a car famous enough to have been the subject of Beach Boys songs, starred in George Lucas movies, and has been gone long enough to be missed? Why not indeed. In 2002, the Thunderbird was reborn. Production: 1955 - 1997; 2002 - 2005
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Ford ZX2

Ford ZX2 offers sporty styling, responsive handling, brisk acceleration, and everyday comfort and practicality for one or two people. Its back seat and trunk are fully usable. Yet the ZX2 is easy on fuel, and costs less than some base-level sedans. Gone is the smooth, grille-less look, replaced by a dark horizontal slash between the headlights. Production: 1998 - 2003
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