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  1. Ford Falcon
    I got a 1963 ford falcon futura 170 ci i6 with 2 speed auto. I have been having some tranny trouble lately and I was thinking about doing a engine and tranny swap to something with more power and a manual transmission i wanna be able to maybe race with this thing. If you guys know of any...
  2. Ford Falcon
    I have a 1963 ford falcon futura 170 ci i6 2 speed automatic and i am trying to see if it is worth keeping the current windsheild wiper arms and just getting new blades online because i cant find them at parts stores or if i should convert the whole assembly to a newer one. Thanks for your guys’...
  3. Ford Falcon
    I have a 1963 ford falcon futura with the 170 I6 2peed auto and It is absolutely guzzling gas I replaced the air filter so that shouldn't be a problem however I do have low tire pressure but I don't know if I would go through a more than a 1/4 tank in 15 miles because of tire pressure. Thanks...
  4. Ford Falcon
    I have a 1963 ford falcon futura 170ci I6 2 speed auto Im looking in my shop manual to fix my high rpm because I am getting really bad fuel economy and I am trying to figure out how to check rpms without a tachometer? Help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  5. Ford Falcon
    So I got my 1963 ford falcon futura with the 170 ci I6 it has the 2 speed automatic trans and the only gauges that work are the fuel and the temp kind of. I dont really know how gauges work. help would be appreciated thank you for your time! Also do you guys know any good youtubers or sites...
  6. Ford Falcon
    So I have been driving my 1963 ford falcon with the 170 I6 and whenever I slow down or come to a stop and then immediately give it gas it stalls but if I let it idle for a second or feather the gas pedal It wont. Im wondering if this could be a fuel filter or if it has something to do with the...
  7. Ford Falcon
    Hey so I tore apart this 1963 ford falcon futura 4dr with the 144 i6 and I have never inspected brakes so it would be great if you guys could give me some input on if these are fine and if this groove in the drum and on the shoe pads is supposed to be here? Thanks a bunch!
  8. Ford Falcon
    Hey so I am new to ford falcons but I got my hands on a 1963 ford falcon futura with I think the 144 i6 and the biggest problem I have is the brakes I need to replace them but I am new to wrenching and havent done drum brakes. I was just wondering where you guys buy parts and or the stuff I need...
  9. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    Hi all, I just started working on a 1966 I6 Mustang. I'm trying to get it started, but my current roadblock is I don't think my flywheel and bellhousing are compatible (details below). My question is should I replace the necessary parts or fabricate a bracket and find a starter with the right...
  10. Ford Falcon
    Looking for a cowl induction hood for a 68 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe, preferably fiberglass. Is anyone selling or know a good place to look?
  11. Ford Parts for Sale
    For Sale is a 289 with stock heads and an Offenhauser intake. I got it with the purchase of my Falcon. Comes as you see it here. Engine turns over smoothly and cam shows some light scoring. Pistons look fine and heads look fine too though missing parts as you can see. This is sold as is and I...
    $300 USD
  12. Introduce Yourself
    Hello Forum! My name is Dennis and I’m here to try and learn more about working on my cars. I have owned a 61 econoline van since 2010 that I’ve spent years building out into a really special surf van. Still original 3 speed on the column and what I believe is still a 144 but it might be a 170...
  13. Ford Parts for Sale
    rat rod cup holder - custom one of a kind | eBay I built this cup holded for my falcon and it worked great. i had put 3 nieo-magnets on the bottom to hold it down to the metal floor board. now that i put new carpet in it doesn't go with the look so im getting rid of it.
    $5 USD
  14. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    My current set up: 1964 Ford E100 Van with a 170 inline 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual trans. My conversion goal is to convert the 3 speed manual to a C4 auto trans. I purchased the correct C4 out of a 67 mustang that had a 200 inline 6. The C4 has the correct bellhousing and bolts up to my 170...
  15. Electrical | Starting, Charging, Batteries & Lamps
    I have a 62 Ranchero with a '66 2OO 6cyl. When I first got it it run but had electrical problems. Sometimes it would just die while I was driving, let it sit for a short time then it fired right up. Since then I have replaced the solenoid, Battery, Carburator, fuel pump, starter, and coil. I...
  16. Exterior, Paint, Cleaning & Detail
    I have a 65 ford falcon futura that has a pretty big dent in the trunk lid from where it rolled back into a tree any ideas on how to pull this out
  17. Interiors, Sound & Security Systems
    Hey guys, Has anyone solved the mystery around putting speakers in a 1963 falcon convertible? I don't really like the kick panels that are for sale. I was hoping someone had come up with a better solution.
  18. Ford Falcon
    Fixing to start working on the body and getting it ready for me to paint. I will get some pics load as soon as i take them. until then it's "imagination time" not to be confused with "immigration time" So what i have is some factory said filler behind the back passenger side. some areas at the...
  19. Ford Falcon
    I bought a 65 falcon future 3:3 200 automatic. Im ready to get rid of the autolite1100 carb and load o matic distributer thats on because I just can’t seem to get it running nice or run consistently. I read online the autolite and distributer have a lot of issues.What’s the best carb and...
  20. Ford Falcon
    I'm 67 years old and have been involved with Fords since I sat on my pops lap and steered his 32 ford truck at 4 years old. . as a teen we had Falcons as family cars and then my wife had a comet convertible. my first car was a 68 cougar and traded it for a 61 Falcon two door that I drove for 8...
1-20 of 21 Results