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  1. Ford Falcon
    I got a 1963 ford falcon futura 170 ci i6 with 2 speed auto. I have been having some tranny trouble lately and I was thinking about doing a engine and tranny swap to something with more power and a manual transmission i wanna be able to maybe race with this thing. If you guys know of any...
  2. Ford Falcon
    I have a 1963 ford falcon futura with the 170 I6 2peed auto and It is absolutely guzzling gas I replaced the air filter so that shouldn't be a problem however I do have low tire pressure but I don't know if I would go through a more than a 1/4 tank in 15 miles because of tire pressure. Thanks...
  3. Ford Falcon
    I have a 1963 ford falcon futura 170ci I6 2 speed auto Im looking in my shop manual to fix my high rpm because I am getting really bad fuel economy and I am trying to figure out how to check rpms without a tachometer? Help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  4. Ford Falcon
    So I got my 1963 ford falcon futura with the 170 ci I6 it has the 2 speed automatic trans and the only gauges that work are the fuel and the temp kind of. I dont really know how gauges work. help would be appreciated thank you for your time! Also do you guys know any good youtubers or sites...
  5. Ford Falcon
    So I have been driving my 1963 ford falcon with the 170 I6 and whenever I slow down or come to a stop and then immediately give it gas it stalls but if I let it idle for a second or feather the gas pedal It wont. Im wondering if this could be a fuel filter or if it has something to do with the...
  6. Ford Falcon
    Hey so I am new to ford falcons but I got my hands on a 1963 ford falcon futura with I think the 144 i6 and the biggest problem I have is the brakes I need to replace them but I am new to wrenching and havent done drum brakes. I was just wondering where you guys buy parts and or the stuff I need...
1-6 of 6 Results