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  1. Wanted Ford Parts, Cars or Trucks
    Looking for the chrome or stainless trim that surrounds the seat backs--specifically the passenger front bucket..but would consider the drivers as well. Would need to be in very good or excellent shape or possibly to be repaired with polishing. Part # I believe is c4sz-6365206-a
  2. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    Getting ready to do routine maintenance on 1965 Galaxie XL. What would be the preferred grease for the u joints as well as the front end steering and ball joints? Manual says FoMoCo Ball Joint Grease & FoMoCo Universal Lube for ujoints. These really don't seem to pull up much. Same grease to...
  3. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    I have a 65 Galaxie with cruisomatic AT. Currently I have to go approx 70 on speedo to actually be going around 55 MPH. I read that cruisomatics came with 3 drive gears.......A few years back a shop looked at the color and though the inner gear or drive gear was white or pink. Anyone know what...
  4. Electrical | Starting, Charging, Batteries & Lamps
    I have a 1970 Ford galaxie in pretty decent condition, being kept in a barn. Not a very common car I’ve found, almost all of the ones I can find in this year are the 2 doors. I have been working on it for about a month now. New carburetor and got all the stuff to flush everything once it’s...
  5. Ford Galaxie
    Evening, all. First-time poster. Looking for help and/or advice. Long story short: Tried to start up the 1968 Galaxie 500 at my home in Washington, D.C., this evening. Horrible engine noise and failure. No idea what happened. It is about 50 degrees outside, so the engine was struggling to...
  6. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1962 Ford Galaxie XL-500 Convertible On Ebay
  7. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1970 ford galaxie 500 On Ebay
  8. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD On Ebay
  9. Electrical | Starting, Charging, Batteries & Lamps
    I am troubleshooting some power window console switches that worked intermittently and now don't work at all. I removed 2 of the switches, cleaned and returned back to console and nothing. They looked really good inside except for a little green build up. I lightly sanded with fine sanding paper...
  10. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1968 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback 390 ci On Ebay
  11. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Coupe On Ebay
  12. Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale
    1965 FORD GALAXIE 500 CONV 390 V8 On Ebay
1-12 of 12 Results