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  1. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    So my mom has a 2001 Ford Escape with 92k miles. Last week we spent $1100 getting the oil leak (at the oil pressure sensor), the coil for cylinder 4, and the serpentine belt changed. it worked fine for a few days, including the coldest day of the year when it got to -6F. But on Sunday, when it...
  2. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    So I have been having some difficulty pinpointing the problem. I tried to talk to the techs at my local ford but all they did was look at me like i was crazy and tell me i'm wrong. I'm in a 2014 escape 1.6 eco boost and the coolant issues have been driving me up a tree. The car says low coolant...
1-2 of 2 Results