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  1. Engine, Transmission/Axle & Driveline/Axle
    The automatic transmission in out 1967 Ford LTD is going bad. I'm told that parts ore difficult or impossible to find for this transmission. Is there a later transmission that would be compatible in this car? It's got a 302 V-8 engine in it. By the way, what is the designation of the original...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. I'm Gonzalo, from Venezuela. Recently purchased a 1978 LTD assembled here in Venezuela in Ford's Valencia plant. It has a 400m paired with the usual C6. I'm in the quest of getting it in the bet shape I can. And I'm struggling a little in to understanding how the vacuum works...
  3. Ford LTD
    Can someone please let me know where to find the chassis vin on a 71 LTD convertibile. I need to register it and tye door stickers have been painted over. Much appreciated
  4. Wanted Ford Parts, Cars or Trucks
    I just need the bottom section of the rear window trim on a 1967 Ford LTD 2-door Hardtop. Of course, I'll buy the complete set if necessary. I'm not sure if the trim from any other model will fit.
1-4 of 4 Results