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  1. Ford Parts for Sale
    Salem, Oregon, I have Original OEM Hood, Trunk lid with springs and latch, Instrument Cluster, Side Trim for Front fenders and doors one complete tail lense w/chrome piece. All pieces are used and vintage with some original black inlay paint (off the stock blue color scheme). I have not cleaned...
  2. Wanted Ford Parts, Cars or Trucks
    Looking for the chrome or stainless trim that surrounds the seat backs--specifically the passenger front bucket..but would consider the drivers as well. Would need to be in very good or excellent shape or possibly to be repaired with polishing. Part # I believe is c4sz-6365206-a
  3. Wanted Ford Parts, Cars or Trucks
    I just need the bottom section of the rear window trim on a 1967 Ford LTD 2-door Hardtop. Of course, I'll buy the complete set if necessary. I'm not sure if the trim from any other model will fit.
1-3 of 3 Results