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i have a 02 sport trac and my head burned up the other night so i decided to build the motor up a lil since i have to rebuild it antways. i have been looking for pistons for this motor and i havent found any yet. i would like to bore it out a lil maybe like 30 over. i will be doing a mild port and polish, headers, new intake (if i can find one thats not plastic) if anyone knows of one, belt driven fan to a electric fan, cam (once again if i could find one), roller rockers etc. i play off road everyonce and a while but its still my daily driver. if anyone could help that would be wonderful!!!!!


Keep us posted on the build up. A friend of mine in Canada has just what you need. Contact him through his web site and he can "fix you up" with what ever your heart desires.

Tom Morana Racing Engines

Good luck. :cornut:
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