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02 taurus over sluggish

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I am about ready to burn my 2002 taurus ses to the ground. I have 68 000 miles. about a month ago it started to loose power big time. it feels like you are trying to tow a tractor trailer with it. I checked fuel pressure it was low when it primed and low when it was running, as well the pressure would drop to zero with in 30 seconds of turning the key off. so I changed the fuel pump and filter. I had changed the filter about a month before but still changed it when I changed the pump. the only way I can drive it is to lightly touch the gas if I give it much it just struggles to go. no sputtering or hitching it feels like it just can't go. Also when I do try to acclerate hard it just struggles and slowly picks up but will not shift a gear until I let off it well continue to rev til it hits redline I'm sure. but its not slipping its messed up I don't even know where to begin any help would be great
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a question for anyone else. does the regulator throw out a trouble code?
OH I forgot to mention absolutely no trouble codes. Fun hey?
the regulator is just my first thought, or maybe a kinked fuel line somewhere, but i'm not too sure about them new-fangled automobiles... i'm use to the cars when computers were only on the starship enterprise...
jonzo I am pretty certain that there are no codes for a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

Some of the newer cars actually did away with the FPR, and instead have a fuel pressure sensor. The PCM regulates the fuel pressure by pulsing the fuel pump on and off based on the info from the fuel pressure sensor.

IF he has a fuel pressure sensor then there could possibly be a code generated by that.

you can check with autozone or rockauto and see if they list a fuel pressure regulator, or a fuel pressure switch for your taurus.

I suspect that a 2002 has an FPR, and that is problably your problem.
autozone lists it as a pressure regulator | Fuel Pressure Regulator and Control
Good job Jonzo! That's what I call going out of your way :)
Yeah, im going with your FPR! from a cold start if you get in and crank the key without letting it prime does it take a few seconds of cranking longer? Also, does it puff black smoke when you start it? Im going to agree and go with an FPR.. Also, i think a good tune up is in order.. Which motor do you have OHV or OHC? It really sounds like the FPR is in a "loop" mode just letting fuel flow through the lines and back to the tank without letting it build up pressure..
It is a 3.0 24v dohc duratec. I haven't noticed any black smoke, and I am pretty sure it has a fuel pressure regulator there is a black thing with a vacumm line attached to it that the fuel line connects to then the fuel line goes from it to the rail. if I unplug the vacumm line the engne changes its idle which from what I understand means it should be ok?
oh and this year is a returnless fuel system
ok.... ill put it a little more bluntly.. Its your FPR.. if your rail doesnt hold pressure for more than a minute after you turn the car off.. its your fpr. OR you have a nasty leak somewhere..
I will try and get a regulator and see if it works but it is looking like ford is the only place to get one and the ford dealer where I am I don't get along with very well the last time I dealt with them on this car it didn't run right for a year they kept telling me it was fine even though it was hitching and bucking and almost stalling out all because they didn't change the plenum gasket when they changed the spark plugs and they messed the gasket up enough that it shouldn't have been reused and the car was getting too much air.
by the way thanks for everbody helping me out here.
no problem!
Returnless systems do not have a FPR.
They have a pressure sensor on the rail and a variable pump.
if the fuel pressure falls off at shutdown it could be an external leak, a bad one-way valve in the pump, or (more typically) a sticking injector. If the intake and exhaust smell of gas this is likely.

A lack of codes seems suspect. If the engine is stuck in open loop operation, many codes will not set. A decent scantool will tell you a great deal about what is happening beyond just codes.
Here is a picture of the FPR listed at

Auto part Automotive ignition part

They don't list a fuel pressure sensor.

Is this a returnless system, and they just didn't name the part properly?


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My best info says Taurus went returnless for 02.
I cannot be sure if that covers OHV, OHC, or both.
The fuel pump will only have one line to the fuel rail on returnless.
If the OP would check., or others with an 02...
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