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04 f250 superduty wiring diagram

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Hey guys.
I need some help.
I bought my 04 f250 superduty a year ago and I've been working on it ever since. Found out it was pieced together and the trailer lights pigtail only has power to it. Nothing else. I need to rewire it so I have turn signals, braking, and running lights so I can pull my trailers legally. I can't afford to purchase the schematics for it right now but I have to get the trailer lights working now. Can anyone help me out with this issue?
Thank you
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Welcome to the FFO.

There are a couple of diagrams I found on the net. However you have to join or create an account. Do a earch for 2004 F Series trailer wiring diagram. The factory wiring diagram is $45 delivered in the US on ebay. Kind of cheap in the realm of factory publications.

Otherwise you are connecting wires from circuits to the 4 way or 7 way connector. Depending if you have trailer brakes and lights or just lights.
Left and right turn signal
Brake lights


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