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07 mustange gas gauge not working

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just like the post states, the gas gauge is not working. i have tried to reset the gauges by turning the ing. on and off 2 or 3 times and do somrthing else i dont remember but anyways it does a check on all the gauges and such.
so right now i keep an eye on the amount of fuel used / trip reading via the info screen/odometer area.
any info woud be good on how to fix it, thanks
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If other gauges in cluster are working, common items to the cluster can be eliminated.
The sender has the fuel pump in it. I would assume they both use a common ground.
However a simple test would be to ground the wire to the sender. Knowing which one that is will require a diagram

I would likely focus on the gauge in the instrument panel after doing the above. And a shop manual would be handy

so yesterday i replaced the fuel pump assembly in the mustang.
it's in tank all in one unit. in order to get to it you take out the back seat and squeeze back there. not a lot of room for 6'-3 guy.
start by disconnecting the power supply to it and the fuel line. sounds ez but like most new cars there are trick to that but not that hard once you watch a youtube video or 2.
so as soon as i pull the unit from the tank gas starts pouring out of the top, Luckly it spills over onto the ground below and not inside the car. My wife said what do we do? i said don't make a spark. she said really!! and i said yea don't make a spark.....
the swap from new to old unit is ez, but because it is a spring-loaded unit that has to be pushed down and at the same time installing the hold down ring that has to be turned as well is a pain in the butt.
on the 4th or 5th or 6th try i turn back to the youtube videos to see if there is a ez way to get that thing to lock in. of course all the videos i watch the skipped over that part.....
so about an hour or so later i got it to catch now i had to gently tap the ring around without making a spark.
in the end it works and now the gas gauge works as well.
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If the pump is good and the sender not so much, save the pump.

You may be able to reuse that pump in the future.

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