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Thanks for sharing!

The stand out Falcon event for me was on a visit to Tucson in the early 1970s. I lived in Michigan and was enrolled in college in an Automotive Service program. I took some side classes on machining. My mom went to Tucson to get a doctorate at the U of A. I visited her at one point I think it was on spring break. There was a guy in the apartment complex my mom was living at that was rebuilding the engine in his early 60s Falcon wagon. It was a six cylinder that was removed and in pieces in the back of the wagon. He was doing an overhaul in the parking lot. He showed me what he had done and was going to do.

I could not believe what I was seeing! He had a new set of pistons that he was installing into the block in the back of a wagon in a parking lot and the wind was blowing. He was a student at U of A and was rather proud of the engine work he was doing. I always wondered if he got it reassembled and how long it lasted.

I wasn't much into six bangers. I am still that way however I have a lot more respect for that engine. Later that decade I bought my first and only new car. A 1978 Ford Granada Coupe with (wait for it) a 250 six banger. The only six I ever owned. Besides it being a six, the engine did better than I expected.

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