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I'm selling the transmission that came with my car when I purchased it in January. I since installed a T5 and selling most of parts not being used.

It has a Hurst Competition Plus shifter with linkage and white ball.

As with most T-10's it pops out of 2nd under heavy deceleration. It also needs a speedometer drive gear as the previous owner installed the wrong gear and doesn't engage with the gear on the cable.

The transmission is smooth shifting and quiet otherwise. It would be a perfect trans for a restoration where period correct components are desired.

It has a 25 spline output shaft and a 10 spline input.

I also have a new driveshaft that fits the T-10 in a Falcon with a 9 inch ford rear for sale.

Asking $800 for local pickup in Collegeville Pa. Which is about 20 miles west of Philadelphia. Minutes from Valley Forge.

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