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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 6

Wood Material property Beige Metal Fashion accessory

Now there are no worries.

Wood Electronic device Electronic component Fashion accessory Metal

I use a waterproof teflon based grease for the lower sliding section and clear silicon for the contact section.

Circuit component Rectangle Wood Electronic component Metal

You won't have to worry about this switch for the rest of your natural now.

Circuit component Electricity Electrical wiring Electronic engineering Audio equipment

Always test your work for no surprises later sort of thing. The switch should be open when the plunger is out.

Blue Circuit component Electricity Audio equipment Electrical wiring

And closed when depressed.

Now for the plenum case itself.

Wood Gas Composite material Engineering Metal

This is after walnut blasting it. It's so weak and shed so much loose plastic like a snake shedding its skin. It feels like it would crack in half easily enough now. This is the not so fun tedious, monotonous, pain the butt (have I made my point yet :unsure:) process of layering on fiberglass resign with sanding in between coats to build this back up. This is very time consuming and messy. Especially messy.

Wood Automotive design Gas Engineering Bumper

You get the idea. The old plastic is basically entombed in resin all the while keeping its shape and critical dimensions.

Motor vehicle Gas Wood Machine Nut

It's not perfect, but it'll do as my patience just ran out with this. I didn't know if I should paint it or clear coat it. If I painted it would be one contiguous colour but you'll know it's painted. If I clear coat it, you'll see the yellow in areas of heavy resin or all resin where the plastic broke away. I decided on clear coating it as you can still see the glass reinforcement in the original plastic on most of it. Looks more original that way.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Wood Automotive exterior

Blue Automotive tire Wood Table Gas

I laid the resin heavy in the interior. This really helped with structural integrity. It's really stiff now and doesn't feel like it would just crack in half.

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 7

White Light Automotive tire Blue Motor vehicle

This is the mode door. It was really rusty before.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tread

This is the weatherstrip I used to seal the door sides against the mating openings.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Blue Automotive tire

Works well, correct thickness and durometer for this application.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Gas Bumper

Instead of the original rivets I just use all stainless hardware to assemble. Heaven forbid if this has to come apart again, but if it should ever have to, it'll be a whole lot easier than before.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive design

Wood Bumper Trunk Gas Automotive exterior

The top brace that holds the thermostats and mode door switch.

Wood Air gun Trigger Dog Revolver

Automotive tire Wood Tread Wheel Musical instrument

That back brace is next.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Sewing machine Wood Bumper

This is messy as the sealing is done by Automotive Bedding Compound and it's almost as bad as Butyl. This is very messy and smears and spreads everywhere. Ug...

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 8

Sewing machine Wood Machine tool Gas Machine

Now it's starting to look like a stable plenum again.

Wood Font Metal Carmine Concrete

This is the cooked blower resistor. I simply wet sanded all the burn marks off it and clear coated it. Looks pretty good and it is electrically intact.

Wood Gas Space Metal Font

Both of these parts are ready to go back on.

Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Bicycle part Rim

Gas Font Electric blue Plastic Packaging and labeling

Next is the heater thermostat. These are the over the top unnecessarily complex water control devices. Ford would have been better running the Bowden cable to an actual coolant valve to throttle the temperature of the core.

This heater control valve has two needle valves inside along with a bi-metal thermal strip and diaphragm. They can be taken apart and sometimes cleaned as that's all most need. However if the diaphragm is ruptured just get a new or another one.

Motor vehicle Font Automotive exterior Bumper Gas

Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive wheel system Gas

Grey Communication Device Gadget Wood Audio equipment

Side hose clamp to install.

Couch Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Gas Auto part Composite material Asphalt

Here you can see the heater thermostat bi-metal strip sampling air temperature inside the plenum. The idea Ford had with this is it would hold the heated air temperature out of the floor or defrost constant at your HOT- COLD setting. It would increase or dump vacuum to the coolant valve to control heater core temperature.

continued in next post.


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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 9

Gas stove Kitchen appliance Stove Audio equipment Gas

The blower can go in next.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Rim Crankset

Bumper Bicycle part Automotive exterior Gas Wood

Now for the blower motor cooling tube, err hose. I know they make a reproduction of it, but I like the heavy duty option of using a moulded heater hose. If you're interested, it's 9 bucks on Rock Auto. It's a Dayco brand. You'll only use a small portion of it.

Blue Bumper Automotive exterior Wood Electronic instrument

Motor vehicle Composite material Gas Bicycle part Auto part

Like a glove.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Automotive design

The inspection cover needs these bits and bobs added.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Bumper

Gas Tool Automotive tire Font Machine

Now originally the evaporator inspection cover was sealed with that bedding compound. Ug, no. I elected to use cork as a primary sealer.

Wood Asphalt Milling Flooring Floor

So with that ready, it's time to prep the evaporator core.

Gas Font Auto part Automotive exterior Bumper

First thing is to clean the copper tubes out of the evaporator. Then since Ford used a steel flare nut I have to clean the rusty threads inside. I tried a wire brush on the dremel but the corrosion is too intense.

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 10

Musical instrument Tool Bumper Motor vehicle Gas

I had a tap to clean most of the threads but couldn't get that last couple, so I found a bolt with the same threads and used that to scrape out the last threads.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Grille

I plugged the connections temporarily as this has a date with the hose to clean all the crap off it.

Product Grille Wood Mesh Wall

Not to bad.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Now that the outside is clean it's time to clean the inside. There's 56 years of old mineral oil in there that needs to come out. Here's a crude but effective flushing scheme. I used lacquer thinner and would fill, slosh, soak and then blow it out with compressed air. Rinse and repeat till the discharge is clear, then dry with compressed air.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive tire Office equipment Gas

It's ready to go home.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Machine tool Gas Engineering

The inspection cover back on. The cork did a good job, but there was some spots where the plastic was bowed. With that I smeared a light amount of Ultra Black RTV atop the silicon. Just enough to seal without making it a pain in the arse to remove in the future if you need to clean the evaporator.

The mode door servo is next to go on.

Gas Office equipment Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Machine

I checked the servo and it's still good and I couldn't see any cracks in the rubber diaphragm. I am amazed about that.

Blue Automotive tire Wall Tire Gas

Next the cooling thermostat can go on. The old one had the side broken, so I opted for an NOS one.

Bottle Electrical wiring Gas Water bottle Engineering

To test this I lightly sprayed some brake clean on the last 6" of the probe and watched it click open and then let it warm back up and heard it click closed again. The adjustment arm altered the set point, so it's working.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Bicycle part

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 11

Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood Gas Automotive exterior

Like a total block head I forgot to test the heater thermostat. I guess I was so excited to see this thing going together it slipped my mind. To test these heater thermostats, there's a couple tests.

Hood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design

First move the control arm lever toward the camera like so, then attach a vacuum hand pump to the vacuum sorce side of the valve and the heater valve should hold vacuum.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive tire

Now move the control away like pictured and the heater control valve should dump all that vacuum to the coolant valve port, but since it's open it'll just dump it.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Bumper Automotive design

However to be sure it's dumping all of it to the port, plug the coolant valve port on the other side and it should hold vacuum again.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Bicycle part Engineering

Now plug the vacuum source side of the heater control valve (yellow plug) and apply vacuum via the pump to the coolant valve port with the control arm all the way away from the camera. It should hold vacuum.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Gas

Now flip the control arm towards the camera. It should dump that vacuum. It's dumping it inside the plenum in case you're wondering. This tests the action of both needle valves and the diaphragm. This passes.

Gas Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Automotive tire Machine

The thermostat tie bar can go on. So just to point out, when you move the HOT - COLD selector on the dash you are moving both of these thermostats and there is no blend door in these 65-68 HVAC systems. Each thermostat modulates the heating or the cooling of the heater core or evaporator directly.

I don't know why Ford made these so complex and they are a high failure rate. Plus you cannot get dehumidified hot air to the windscreen by design.

With that it wins the Chrysler Award and it's not a flattering award. Basically it's the engineering dunce cap.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

I like to use silicon hose as it will outlast me and the more items I never have to revisit the better.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Gas Auto part Engineering

Office ruler Fashion accessory Metal Font Transparency

Next is the expansion valve. I use one for the Cougar / Mustang.

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 12

Fire sprinkler system Gas Auto part Plumbing valve Machine

There's two reasons why I use a different expansion valve. Whilst I'm for original engineering, sometimes it's so annoying it has to be changed. The full size expansion valve has the sight glass on the side of it. The problem with that is this on the firewall and nearly impossible to see, not less forgetting you are leaning over a hot running engine to get a glimpse. The other reason is that the full size expansion valve uses a check valve on the inlet. To this day I cannot find any supporting literature on why they put this on there. This also lends the problem of it uses an X fitting that I cannot find and therefore cannot make a new liquid line. The Mustang / Cougar valve solves all those problems as I add a sight glass right after the condenser and it's really easy to see.

Gas Circle Wire Font Fashion accessory

There's the liquid check valve.

Handwriting Font Gas Transparency Plastic

Here's an overlooked step. These are all old 45˚ single flares. There's a propensity for them to leak because the copper flare out of the evaporator is hardened copper and it's a hard brass expansion valve. Using this soft copper washers in between is a good insurance policy.

Liquid Automotive lighting Drinkware Fluid Plastic bottle

Using a little Nylog Blue and you are guaranteed a leak free connection.

Rectangle Gadget Beige Electronic device Auto part

I cleaned the copper bulb clamp for good thermal conduction.

Gas Engineering Machine Auto part Metal

And that's the reason why I cleaned the copper lines coming out of the evaporator. Obviously I only needed to clean the outlet, but why not both. If you have poor thermal contact the expansion valve will not measure the temperature of the outlet gas and decrease the superheat allowing the possibility of flooding the compressor with liquid refrigerant and shortening its life. After I clamp everything tight to preserve the clean copper I brush on clear coat.

Blue Adhesive Gas Font Circle

I apply thermal tape to insulate that area.

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

All ready to go.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior Metal

A little detail but I added the Bowden cable clamp to the cooling thermostat.

Office equipment Gas Wood Bumper Automotive design

Installed the cover.

continued in next post.

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The Evaporator / Blower Motor Plenum Part 13

Wood Machine tool Computer monitor Automotive exterior Gas

Just to recap what this used to look like.

Table Tool Audio equipment Gas Wood

Time to add the weather strip to the other side.

Automotive parking light Grille Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Nothing fancy, but it will seal. I did drill the holes for the screws but forgot to take a picture. I'm sure I'll take the picture when it is ready to go on the car. Holy crap this was loads of work. I did truly save the worst for last.

Beige Jewellery Font Circle Metal

Since these were in the same bag as the expansion valve I might as well install these on the brand new York 210.

Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive design

It's still capped.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle brake Vehicle

These new Freightliner York 210's come with an adapter and can use either Tube - O fittings or Rotolock connections. I do like that. Since the charge port fittings I bought are Tube - O the Rotolock adapters can come out. In the past the York could be ordered with the head for Tube -O or Rotolock specifically.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Liquid Fluid Paint Gas Solution

Lube up the O-Rings with Ester oil and install.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold Automotive fuel system Rim

It's funny the chassis is so monochromatic it looks like the fittings were Photoshopped in. However this system now has the R134a charge ports and no adapters from R12/22 ports.

This concludes this round.

More to come.


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Testing the Flame -O- Matic C6 transmission

All this talk of the flames out of the transmission dipstick roasting that previous plenum had me thinking I've never tested that transmission. Since that engine hasn't run in a while I thought it would be good to stir its juices and test the transmission for a quick functional test.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

I rigged a quick ignition system and would run the engine off of carb clean or something along those lines.

I jacked up the back axle placed jack stands on both sides for safety.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

The transmission cooler line is a loop back into the transmission. It's short 10 second runs since there is no coolant with time to cool down between runs.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

I placed the transmission in solid green dot drive (remember this is a '66 C6 with a dual range valve body and the only year C6 like this). The first run the wheels engaged but it didn't shift and I had the throttle body manually set open for about 2500 - 3000 RPM's. Huh, then I remembered I'm an idiot and forgot to plumb the vacuum line from the throttle body to the stainless line that ran down to the modulator. Ran it again and this time two solid thumps in the chassis and the rear wheels went into warp with the engine around 3 grand.

So forward was a win. I let it cool down and last test was reverse and it went into reverse on the next run. So I'm feeling pretty good about my work on that transmission since it was a burnt basket case.

More to come.

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Door Hinges n Stuff Part 1

Once more unto the breach, or in other words here we go again with something that should be simple to do turned into a 4 day project.

It's getting close to test fitting doors on the body shell and so hinges need to be addressed first. Most of these derelict cars are so trashed and the hinges weren't immune. I started digging through the pile to find good candidates for restoration. I went through quite a bit before I found pieces to make a good set.

Next was trying to find a hinge kit for the full size cars. I looked around and found a couple but the pins were quite clearly too short. <scratching head> Plus I needed the rollers for the bottom hinges for the door opener detents as I think I found one that wasn't all the way seized, however it still wasn't happy.

I ended up settling on two Mustang door kits as it looked like it had the most potential. Potential yes, direct fit --> no. Hell no.

Blue Hand tool Musical instrument Wood Tool

The start of the project of going through trying to find parts and pieces to make 1 good set of 4 hinges.

Font Material property Audio equipment Electronic device Electric blue

These were the kits and they were not cheap, hopefully they fit the Mustang well for that price.

Helmet Bumper Gesture Automotive design Bicycle part

This was the best roller as it barely turned.

Vehicle Bumper Automotive design Automotive exterior Hood

Problem is there is rust between the pin and the wheel. Unless it comes out and cleaned or replaced it will just be problematic.

Household hardware Wood Gas Machine Metal

This one was obviously seized and about half way worn through the pin! Good grief.

Blue Wood Art Auto part Metal

Here's another problem I found from lack of lube. The detent lever on the left is really worn away. The one on the right is nearly virgin.

Wood Metal Engineering Tool Auto part

It was nearly virgin because the plate was bent... for some reason... and it never made much contact. Easy enough to rectify.

Blue Automotive tire Font Bumper Automotive design

Then come to find out after stripping the arm, one bushing was magically oversized. I guess Ford had over sized bushings in case of machining mishaps. However this does me no good so this is scrap and dig out another one.

Bicycle part Tool Gas Auto part Machine

To remove the roller pins I cut a notch into the wheel and simply was able to get the air hammer under it and drive it up. These things are in there and it takes some doing to get them out.

Motor vehicle Wood Automotive wheel system Auto part Metal

1 of 2 piles of spare hinges to dig through and find good cores. It really pays to have spare parts/parts cars.

Continued in next post.


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Door Hinges n Stuff Part 2

Blue Computer keyboard Peripheral Input device Space bar

After finding 8 good pieces to make a set of hinges I blasted them.

Wood Composite material Auto part Aluminium Household hardware

Install the new bushings. The only part of this that went to plan.

Automotive design Engineering Gas Vehicle Machine

Easy enough. Now for actual body colour to go on them.

Shelving Shelf Gas Engineering Machine

These are the first parts to get the colour of car. I am using all Napa 2 stage paint. I have all the parts primed here after metal etch.

Fence Gas Lock Machine Security

Base coat. This is Ford Sauterne Gold/Green with extra metallic added.

Gas Machine Composite material Metal Public utility

I also needed practice as I have used the turbine sprayer or automotive paint in quite some time. So if I botched a section of hinge it wasn't the end of the world. The practice was more important.

I spray the primer around 4 PSI. The base colour around 2 PSI and the clear coat around 7 PSI. The primer and colour have almost no over spray, the clear coat does however, but it's not bad at that low pressure.

Trigger Revolver Wood Engineering Gun barrel

The first vestige of colour for the car.

Actually my better half and I agreed it would be neat to have both the '66 LTD 4 door hardtop and this '66 gal 500 XL 2 door hardtop the same exact colour sporting both black vinyl tops.

Motor vehicle Wood Automotive exterior Font Automotive lighting

I removed the strikers from the body, stripped them and painted them chassis black and bought some better hardware than those goofy phillips head screws Ford had holding these in.

Wood Metal Engineering Helmet Auto part

You can now actually see the metallic in the paint in medium light.

Tool Bicycle part Wood Hand tool Auto part

and in sunlight it really pops. I wanted a colour scheme that was bold to the point of you are either going to love it or hate it. The last thing after doing all this work I wanted is having a colour that's meh. :(

Continued in next post.

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Door Hinges n Stuff Part 3

Now for the pain in the butt part.

Household hardware Nickel Cylinder Metal Wood

The hinge pins for the Mustang are too long and the splines are too long under the head.

Wood Cylinder Gas Column Metal

Door Wood Latch Fixture Lock

On the lathe they go.

Gas Bumper Machine Office equipment Auto part

Composite material Metal Art Nickel Steel

I got them down to the stem dimension. However I have noticed on many of these old door hinges the pin working its way loose and the head was up on quite a few of them. Since these were longer I had a plan to alleviate that.

Wood Gas Font Screw Auto part

I'll notch the pins at the bottom for a E ring and they will not work up anymore.

Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Wood Tool Garden tool

Now to cut them down a bit.

Wood Gas Art Font Paint

That's the idea.

Auto part Household hardware Nickel Gas Cylinder

Now for the rollers and their pins. Well they too are both too long. The roller will need to be cut and I'll have to very carefully turn that small pin down a bit on the unsplined shank so it will press into the lower arm of the hinge.

Automotive tire Snow Font Audio equipment Rectangle

That was a bit tedious because they are so short.

Continued in next post.

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Door Hinges n Stuff Part 4

Camera accessory Household hardware Auto part Gas Font

I cut the rollers and now these should work.

Blue Wood Bumper Gas Automotive exterior

This is my fixture for blasting and painting those detent springs.

Font Wood Gas Screw Auto part

Finally ready for assembly.

Wood Trigger Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

And we have one complete set of hinges that work correctly now.

Product Gas Engineering Machine Auto part

I packed that small cavity between the bushings with semi-synthetic water proof grease with teflon and also the roller. This should be good for another 25 years with zero maintenance.

Bicycle part Motor vehicle Font Auto part Machine

I opted to try stainless hardware for the hinges in lieu of stripping a few dozen rusty door bolts, then treating and painting them all. I am getting excited about painting the body now.

Wood Font Gas Circle Automotive tire

I am using a Belleville washer spring washer as the locking portion then a wider washer to spread the load. It is stainless so no worries about corrosion.

More to come.


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The 66 Galaxie 500 four door I parted out years ago had one rear hinge made out of aluminum. Was kind of confused by that. 1 out of 4.
Have you found any aluminum hinges on all of the vehicles you have gone through?


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The 66 Galaxie 500 four door I parted out years ago had one rear hinge made out of aluminum. Was kind of confused by that. 1 out of 4.
Have you found any aluminum hinges on all of the vehicles you have gone through?

Howdy Action,

Yuppers, we had a 1966 4 door post car as a parts car and the rear door upper hinges were made from cast aluminum. Our current '66 LTD 4 door hardtop have the same hinges in the rear doors. Now that '68 LTD 4 door hardtop parts car that recently was cut up for parts had stamped steel rear door upper hinges. Ford must have learned it was cheaper to stamp both pieces out of steel rather than cast and machine aluminum.


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The one I parted out only had one. The other side might have been replaced at some point. However all of them were painted body color. It was weird when I removed it.


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Boring bits and bobs- Part 1 Vents and Parking Brake Pedal

This is the please kill me now portion of the project, the parts that are as exciting as watching politics to redo, but are necessary.

Automotive tire Wood Tread Gas Automotive wheel system

I needed two sets, one for this '66 gal 500 XL and one for the '66 LTD. Here's a stash to choose from. Geeze are these stiff to operate. The steel shaft starts rusting and expanding in the plastic and just binds.

Automotive tire Blue Gas Synthetic rubber Automotive wheel system

Drill out all the rivets and sand blast the door steel and rubber. Sand blasting takes off the oxidized rubber and leaves a soft rubber seal behind. It's like exfoliating, but for your car.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

New hardware to reinstall.

Automotive tire Cookware and bakeware Wood Gas Auto part

Automotive tire Cookware and bakeware Wood Automotive wheel system Gas

This was the uncomfortable part, heating the potato chip and using ones hands to straighten out the flange flat again. The chances of it sealing flat are much greater than with a potato chip shape.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Wood

4 are done and operate really easily now. I added some water resistant light grease to the shaft in the plastic sections.

Next up is the parking brake pedal.

Wood Trigger Gun barrel Art Revolver

In digging through my stash of parking brake pedals I found differences. With that I had a look at what was already in the '66 LTD, the '68 XL, the parts car '68 XL and the parts car '66 gal 500. Turns out all the aforementioned cars came with the same pedal as the middle one. Easy enough, that's the one I'll use and just toss the other ones. I mean when do these fail?

Wood Bicycle part Gas Bumper Flooring

Interesting you can tell the difference. The other other non conforming ones came off plain jane '66 galaxie 500's. Hymmm.

Font Gas Electric blue Auto part Cylinder

I removed the pad and the stainless trim. I sand blasted the pad and wow it looks brand new. Then polished the stainless trim.

Blue Paint Cylinder Gas Tin

This stuff works really well on stainless.

Continued in next post.

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Boring bits and bobs- Part 2 Parking Brake Pedal and Body

Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

I use a cheap buffer and it does the job. You do not need anything fancy.

Pliers Wood Automotive tire Bicycle part Electric blue

I stripped and painted the body then added the pad, trim and handle. It was missing the rubber bumper stop. I bought an assortment kit and I found one that works well in this application.

Revolver Input device Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

It's the little things that add up.

Bicycle part Tool Nickel Nut Rim

I want to add a parking brake warning lamp and so I have enough used pieces and added the switch.

Electrical wiring Pliers Cable Gas Electrical supply

Glad I check even the simplistic of devices. The black epoxy paint was so strong it prevented the connection to ground. A little surgical sanding was in order.

Now for the deck lid.

Motor vehicle Bumper Hood Automotive exterior Gas

This is the deck lid that came with this body, however it has the plain jane galaxie 500 trim and not the galaxie 500 XL trim. Plus it's a complete Bondo bucket. Sure it can be fixed and altered but in the interest of saving time, I have some other possibilities.

Brown Handle Wood Motor vehicle Fixture

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Wood Automotive exterior

It's going to be a disaster scene if that deck lid is stripped.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Fender

This is the deck lid from the genuine galaxie 500 XL. It's a bit beat up, but I really do not see too much filler on this.

Motor vehicle Naval architecture Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

Now I have brand new F O R D letters for the back, but I do not have the XL spear. I will have to go on a hunt for that or make one. However the one thing I noticed is the key lock is not recessed as in the other deck lids.

Continued in next post.
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