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Engine Part II Continued


It was loads of work, but I feel it was worth it.



I drilled and tapped that last oil gallery, that was a pain as I had to get creative with a standard 1/4 NPT tap as they are short.


Oil passages are cleaned too.


Yet another round of Clevite cam bearings.


I fully admit I was nervous as I had never done this before and from what I've read it was stated it's easy to destroy a cam bearing putting them in. Well all that apprehension I had was unnecessary because if you exercise common sense they go in just fine. On the FE the outside dimension is different on every bearing so make sure you install them in the right order. I started from the back and worked my way forward.

Now on the 4 rear ones on this block it didn't matter where the oil hole was placed because of the circular oil groove in all four bearing housings in the block. One FE book said the back bearing needed to be keyed, but I didn't find that to be the case here. Perhaps older blocks? Just dunno.

Since it didn't matter where the oil hole went for my OCD sake I referenced my bare '68 390 block and Ford installed the rear 4 cam bearings with the oil hole at 3 O'Clock. Well so did I.


Now the front one does need to be clocked like so otherwise you'll starve the either lower distributor guide in the block or the front cam bearing altogether.


Easy Peasy.


I lubed the cam and it fit in, although it was a bit tight, but it did go in relatively easy, unlike the Durabonds that the cam wouldn't make it in half way. I'll need to surface the high spots on the cam bearings.

continued in next post.

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Engine Part II Continued


To fit the cam all I did was rotate it, remove and note the high burnished areas on the cam bearings and just scrub them with green Scotch-Brite pads. I repeated this several times till the cam rotated freely and smoothly. This is the first time I had done this so I was careful not to remove too much material.


I had to install the rear cam plug and the rear oil gallery plugs.


I had to get a little creative to fixture the block whilst tapping in the rear plug with sealant. I used an old suspension bushing housing and it was the right size.


Next up are the main bearings.



Time to see how good the cut and polish is on the crankshaft.


I have my Plastigauge laid in dry bearings ready for the crush.


Credit where credit is due, nice even pattern at just under 0.002" clearance. All bearings were the same. Credit where credits due, well done on the crank mains machining.


It may be hard to tell from the picture but they are all the same width.


With that, the crank was removed, cleaned one last time, lubed the bearings and with a new rear main seal kit, the crankshaft was torqued down. It spins by hand smoothly. The camshaft is also lubed and installed.

Continued in next post.

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Engine Part II Continued


OK at this point I was feeling pretty good. I had thought to myself things are looking up and I'm on a roll.....

And that my friends is where the progress ended because.............


As I was laying out the brand new pistons from Diamond to assemble onto the brand new rods I had this funny feeling something wasn't quite right. But I just couldn't put my finger on it at this point. Can you?


Sorry for the bad lighting, but here's a closeup. All the little "F's" are to the left as that is the front of the engine. It's funny I couldn't put my finger on it but my subconscious was screaming go look at the cylinder heads.


Here's the mock up engine on the chassis.

Oh crap they didn't.

They did.

They flipped the exhaust and intake reliefs on two pistons on each side (4 wrong pistons).

This is the 3rd consecutive mistake from Diamond Pistons. These are not cheap either. I can't fathom why people can't do their job properly. As the guy from Vice Grip Garage would say, "somebody help me understand"......

So this portion of the car is dead in the water till Diamond makes and ships me 4 correct replacement pistons. For now the engine will get a bag over it with a dunce cap on and sit in the corner.


Well at least they put the offsets for the pins on the correct side of the pistons....


Till next time.


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The cam bearing the shop installed, OH MY!!!!
Installing cam bearing with the proper tools and in correct order becomes a no drama situation

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