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Cowl Sealing and Rust Proofing

Hello all,

Even though I've been occupied more with the gal 500 XL I am working on this too. I needed to rustproof the cowl area and make sure it's sealed.


My main intent here is to POR 15 the inside of the cowl area where water runs when wet. I was cleaning out the cowl areas and I found the original antenna slug they cut out on the assembly line. I bet that was a fun irritating rattle.






I used Eastwoods green internal frame coat as a contrast colour first then POR 15'd. At least with the green undercoat I could see where I missed easily with the POR 15 and touch up with a brush after the initial hosing on with a paint gun and flexible wand with radial and axial spray patterns.

What a mess this made.


I did the interior of the roof as well. There's no need to POR 15 the roof, the green Eastwood frame coat is good enough for the upper areas of the cabin. I just wanted to stop the surface rust from spreading.


Just hose it on and let is drip dry I can sand any parts when the car colour goes on .

It's not pretty but my main concern is corrosion control since this car will see many many miles when complete plus the paint and interior will hide it all anyway.

Until next time.

281 - 281 of 281 Posts