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1967 falcon no radio but looking for sound

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so here in a few shorts weeks i am going to tear out all the old interior and carpet and replace with new carpet.
got a deal on a dash and going to make the door panels myself to match the rest.
the car was bought with no radio and has never had a radio installed in it's lifetime.
So with all that said i am going to pre wire for speakers in the doors and dash.
my plan is to still have no radio but install a Bluetooth amp that will power the speakers.
same way a lot of boat are setup. turn on your Bluetooth on your mp3 player or smartphone and connect.
hit play and done.. this away the car still stays stock with out a radio and yet i still get sounds

Has anyone done this here before and if so what amp is best for this build?(with out spending my whole paycheck on 1 amp)
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