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So you have not heard from the place in a month?

Is it just one guy doing the work, or?
Or even if it was a couple of people, only one has to get sick and the whole process gets back logged. Or one person in a small shop quits for any number of reasons (including COVID of a family member or ?) and the work just goes sideways.

It may be a bad situation not sure. Seven months is a long time.

I am a seller (on Ebay) that a buyer recently disputed with PayPal on an item that was sold and delivered two months prior. Ebay was rather swift at coming to a decision the buyer was past the period of return. Pay Pal took 30 days to make the same decision. (this morning actually) If no one is buying from the "guy/business" there will not be any money left and the company/guy will be shut down and you won't get anything. However the point of being in business is to do business. That being the case, most businesses will get money every month. The website is still up however I don't see any payment links. Paypal is big on either you get the $ or you get the part. Just not both of them. If the seller is going to keep the money he/she has to send the part to you in a manner that can be tracked. Otherwise the money gets reveresed to you. That is how Pay Pal has operated in the past with me.

If any of those circumstances were the case I cannot imagine why they would tell me it was complete and send me a second invoice for final payment. And I offered to take the loss of the first half of the money if they just shipped the wheel back when I considered those possibilities myself a couple months ago. I am not heartless, I just do not being cheated or lied to like most anyone else. If they were to ship the wheel and send me the tracking info I would close the case immediately. And if that does happen I will update this thread. Right now I have no reason to suspect, based on everything that has happened, that they have my steering wheel at all. I didn't so much as get a picture before I paid the second invoice and that was my mistake. Live and learn....
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