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Hi there,

I purchased an extremely nice but 75% complete 1973 Country Squire restoration project, where I have all of the trim but it needs to be reinstalled on the car. Without a reference, I'm a bit stuck in terms of how to best install the trim or if I am missing anything. I've gotten a few things on by guesswork. I was hoping at the very least someone could post some really detailed pictures of their trim from a similar year LTD or Country Squire

Specific things I need help with our could use detailed photos of:

  • how is the drip rail trim installed?
  • how is the rear window surround trim installed? I see some spots for clips? I'm not sure what those clips are supposed to look like
  • how is windshield trim installed?
  • relatedly, windshield and rear side windows are both glue in without gaskets, correct?
  • how is the top of door trim installed?
  • how is rear hatch trim installed?
  • where should gaskets be used? I see that it is basically impossible to buy pre-cut gaskets for these cars so likely going to need to create my own
  • are there any brackets required?
  • is any type of adhesive required?
  • any other helpful hints?

Thanks for any help you can provide :)

Posting a few pics of my car (with trim and windows missing!) as well
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Welcome to the FFO!

Nice Squire!
I would never consider doing what you are doing with out a shop manual set at a bare minimum. Hard copy and CD versions can be found on Ebay.
Volumes 1 - 4 would be necessary. 5 is predelivery. (Car is already delivered) And 6 is emissions which can come in handy. (See attached)
I alos have factory parts catalogs. Both illustrations and text. For your year would be 73 to 79. m

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Gaskets???? The rubber around the doors? If yeas search for weatherstrips.

That is a start


View attachment 52421

Thanks for the recommendation. I just got the body book and have been flipping through the glass and trim sections. Looks like the windows I was curious about should be using butyl to go in then have some clips holding the trim around them. It has some pretty detailed diagrams but it is kind of a bummer that nothing is LTD/country squire specific

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Okay so I think I've gathered up the majority of what I need and just have another question or two before I get the glass and trim all completely installed I think. The body manual has been a huge help so far.

I found in my parts boxes a ton of retainer pn 42413 and a total of 8 spacer pn 420A64 all neatly packaged together. I'll add a pic of these at the bottom of my post

From what I can tell, the retainer 42413 just pushes on to the body pegs...right? Is there a trick there? I'm trying to avoid slipping and damaging my perfect paint job. I've tried pushing on some of these with my bare hands but none seem to want to go on. I feel like I might have to get some hand tools involved here unless there's something else I should be doing

Second, I can see that the stationary glass on page 43-11-11 in the body manual seems to call for the spacer pn 420A64 being installed on top of the retainer 42413... Should that be for every peg location on the rear side glass or only at four locations? I ask because I have 4 spacers for each side on hand and I have a pretty complete parts collection, which makes me think some peg locations are bare retainers. Obviously I can just order more of the spacers if necessary.

edit: looking a bit more closely, what I'm calling spacer 420A64 is a combination of PNs 420A64 and 420A24. my point otherwise remains

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It looks like the glass is supported on the spacer, so I'd say you only want to have two of the spacers on the bottom. Having the glass span between two points of support is best , in my mind, as it minimizes stress on the glass edge as the body flexes. Stress points on the edge of tempered glass is what causes it to fail and break into thousands of pieces. That is my guess, anyway.
I think that makes sense -- I just counted the lower pegs and there are 8 so maybe 4 with the spacers and 4 without. I'm going to try to install that way and see what happens

Also FYI in case anyone else is coming here for info, I did figure out how to install the clips themselves. I found that pressing on them firmly with the blunt side of a screwdriver gets them on to the peg pretty easily without much risk to the paint
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