Reference: - 1988 F350 XLT Lariat Crew Cab with 7.5L gas engine |
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Reference: 1988 F350 XLT Lariat Crew Cab with 7.5L gas engine

Discussion in 'Ford Cars & Trucks for Sale' started by Mark A Anderson, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Mark A Anderson

    Mark A Anderson New Member

    Jun 15, 2020
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    Looking to sell my truck in the near future. Working on an intermittent loss of spark problem that has existed since I bought the truck (used). Motor typically runs great and was rebuilt about 35K miles ago. Not sure if they replaced the Distributor & ICM which are known to cause this intermittent loss of spark problem. Unfortunately, I could not get the truck to die on me the last time I attempted any trouble shooting so I'm looking to simply replace the Distributor and ICM with new before I sell it. Looking to get $5K for the truck which has the 7.5L gas motor, newer tires (dullies in the back), new windshield, recent tuneup and oil changed bed liner. AC needs charged and one auto door lock quit working. One of the speakers just started cutting out. Installed new windshield wiper motor Assy also.
    I live in Vancouver, WA if anyone wants to drop by and look. Cash only.

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