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1996 Windstar Turn Key and Nothing

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There seems to be plenty of juice in the battery (new less than a year ago).

Yesterday, after leaving a store went to start and it turned for about .33 seconds, then nothing. All lights engage (again, plenty of juice in battery), but when I turn key all the way, a couple light go out on the dash and nothing, no click, nothing. I put it in neutral and nothing.

Any thoughts?

I will be back near the car in about an hour or so.
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Bad battery even though the lights come on.
Corroded battery or starter connections.
Possibly a starter solenoid has gone bad.

Start buy cleaning the battery connections. Get the battery load tested.
The first thoughts are the things you are already thinking of.
Crappy battery connections.
Also check the battery voltage should be 12.66

How to check your battery

faulty digital transmission range sensor

Or bad starter. Are my thoughts.

Cuda jim or some one else will hopefully come along with a diagram for you.
Awesome. I'll await any diagrams and try to test the voltage.
These are not specific for your vehicle but are problably close enough
98 windstar starter system
2000 windstar Digital transmission range sensor


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here's one for the '96 taurus


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Ok . . .

when I manually complete the circuit on the solenoid (screwdriver), it made a whirring noise (i think the solenoid), when I tried it a second time, it didn't make any noise.
can anyone here post a pic of the trs? Is it rectangular under the air cleaner and secured by torx nuts?
can anyone here post a pic of the trs? Is it rectangular under the air cleaner and secured by torx nuts?
Is this what you are looking for in a picture?

Hope it helps.


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Yes, Thanks.

This is awesome! Thank you. Now, where is it?
someone else will probably mention this, but are there any trouble codes?
Haven't gotten than far . . .

I don't have the means to test.
Its located on top of the trans on the driver's side
I'm sorry... I answered your question without giving it any thought.
The reason why I shouldn't have answered it is that if you jumped the solinoid, and the starter didn't spin, you either have a dead battery, crappy connections, or a bad starter.

Did you check the battery yet?
Check your connections?
If both are good, then I suggest that you pull the starter and have it tested.
Be prepared to buy a new one.
Hi All, thanks for everyone's attention, and sorry to be MIA.

My issue was the starter. All fixed and operational. Now I can focus on the issue I had before the starter: Low, inconsistent idle. Probably an O2 sensor, but until I plug the hole in my exhaust (which means replacing most of it), I won't know for sure.

Thanks, ALL, again. You are why the Internet is great. You and porn (not necessarily in that order). Ciao.
Thanks for posting back.
IF you need help with your idle and you are ready to attack it, please start a new thread.

I plan to mark this thread resolved and close it. I'm glad you got it fixed. :)
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