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2001 Taurus misfire code PO302

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Hello All,

This is my first visit to this forum and I hope I can contribute something as time goes on, and get some help when needed. I'm retired and enjoy doing things myself and learning things in the process.

My 2001 Taurus has a flashing 'check engine light' and my OBD2 scanner shows the PO302 code (indicating a cylinder 2 misfire). I've checked out the plugs and wires, listened to all the fuel injectors clicking ( thus assuming they are all getting electrical signals OK) and am now looking into the possibility of a clogged or stuck open fuel injector. I'm trying to narrow down the possible cause(s) of the problem before starting to take off the intake manifold and fuel rail to access the fuel injectors.

The scanner records the flash frame data related to the short term and long term fuel trim as:
STFT B1 = -4.6
LTFT B1 = +14.8
STFT B2 = -7.6
LTFT B2 = +4.6

My current understanding is that the LTFT B2 should be almost the same as the LTFT B1, and that the +4.6 value represents that the fuel is too lean. This would seem to me to indicate the fuel injector on the #2 cylinder is clogged or not opening.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding my interpretation of the scanner results, or other diagnostic procedures I can try to determine the cause of the PO302 code.

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2003 Ford Taurus.
I have the #2 cylinder misfire and have already changed the
fuel injectors
Spark Plugs

I'm at a loss as to what the cause is. the car is running rough, has no pick up and definitely has a misfire.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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