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2003 expedition

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I have a 2003 expedition 2wd with the 4.6 engine. I took it for inspection today and was told the brake lights only worked once outta the 4 times he tried them. if I buy a brake switch, will that solve the problem. if so can you tell me the steps to replace it please.
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Have a close up look at the brake pedal, should be easy spot a switch with wires going to it, something evident may jump out, like worn, loose, broken etc, it may be adjustable.

Apply the brakes by hand & see how it acts on the switch & if the brakes come on. There could be a prob internal to the switch so find a way to connect, or join the wires, to see if the brake lights come on that way.

That's 1 way that may determine whether a brake switch issue, wiring or something else.

Usually, a quick look is all it takes to figure out changing it out & prob some utube vids out there on either the easier or trickier ones.
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