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2003 Windstar Left Rear Vent Window Motor

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My left rear vent window motor has taken up the habit of jamming in the open position. I think the only solution is to replace the motor assembly.

Has anyone had this problem ? Where can a replacement motor be purchased? I have checked all the local auto parts stores and none of them stock this item. I do not want a used motor, and I see the dealer as a last resort.
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I have replaced only one vent window motor,it was not hard. I have only seen them as a dealer item though.
Try lubing it up with some silicone spray.

WD-40 is NOT a good lube to use, it smells good but is one of the worst on the market!
I had to replace one in my 98. Wasn't willing to dish out the exorbitant price of the new motor so I went to a junk yard & pulled one off another 98 for $10.00. It's a fairly simple thing to change.
I think I have the same problem... a bad left rear side vent motor.

My question is, how hard is it to replace? Do I just need to take off the panel/trim to access the motor?

Can anyone offer tips?

Yep the trim removed and you will see it.
I had an intermittent problem with that same window in both my 1998 and 2002 Windstar's, funny thing is though, in both cases it turned out to be an break in the wire to the left rear quarter window motor.

On the '02 it was the Yellow/Light Blue wire, the break was right in the middle of the Quad seating.

I'm attaching the wiring diagram for your reference - just a thought....


You don't think some of this had ANYTHING to do with the switches ?

I've had issues with BOTH staying in the OPEN position when I needed them closed. I blamed it on the front windows being cracked and rain getting inside and the switch damp.

I've since taken the switch apart and cleaned the contact areas (be really careful as there are some SMALL springs in there). Still having issues though occasionally....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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