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2003 Windstar Shocks & Struts.

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My 2003 Windstar is about ready for a set of shocks & struts. I was hoping to find a replacement set that were a bit heavier duty than OEM, but I have not found any available from companies like Bilstein.

Has anyone tried the Monroe "Ready Struts" that come with the struts fully assembled with new spring, etc. ready to be installed ? I presume that these would be about equal to the OEM units, as far as damping quality. etc.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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I installed these on a 1993 Buick and loved them. The Monroe Quick Struts were a breeze to install and came with new springs and strut mounts, things that should be replaced anyway cause they do wear out.

I will be installing these on my 1998 Windstar soon!

The Monroe quick struts are better than OEM.
Mark V -

Thanks for your comments.

Is it necessary to check the toe-in after installation of the Quick Struts ?
Yes on any struts especially with new springs. When I had my alignment done they said it was off due to my wore out springs, they said new springs will bring it back to perfect.

Mine was aligned out of whack so when I install the quick struts I will need an alignment again.
Was doing a misc search for some other parts (rear axle :mad2: ) and saw that one site listed quick struts with Bilsteins. Can't remember who, but it was within the past 5 days.....
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