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codes p0106 and p0109, and a misfire code I don't recall

Vehicle went in a limp mode I believe? I heard a squeal and CEL flashed on and off so I pulled over and parked. Two hours later, attempted to drive car home. About mile in, car was limited to 25-30 mph. Going up a steep hill, car stalled and lost most acceleration from there on.

It's in my storage, mechanic pulled those codes. As of now, there's little to no acceleration when the pedal is pressed, and it's very delayed. Car idles rough and starts Everytime, once I throw it into a gear car stalls usually or runs and sounds horrible almost like a knock. Checked all fluids, checked hoses for leaks to the Best of my ability.. I need a new battery, mentioning that in case that's effecting anything.

Just purchased a month ago, probably less than 1,000 miles put on since. 180,000 miles

I've disconnected the map sensor and will order a replacement part - I wanted some opinions first. Please let me know any info you may have - I have two little kids, so please any help is appreciated so I can safely get my vehicle back on the road for my kids and I!!

Any questions or help, please let me know!


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Welcome to the FFO!

Typically limp mode is activated because the engine has basic engine issues. No or low oil pressure and over heating.

If all fluid levels are good and the engine does not make abnormal noises when started, I would pursue the codes first. Right now I am out of the country so wifi is very slow and hard to do research.

It may be possible some maintenance is over due -
Spark plugs
Oxygen sensors

If you are still having issues in 4 more days post back.

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