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2010 Sport Trac Tire Sensor Fault

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starting the vehicle the other day I received a Tire Sensor Fault display with a flashing tire symbol that went to a solid (non flashing).
The sensors are original so I’m assuming the battery or batteries are reaching end of life.
Fast forwarding to present day took it to the dealer the technician checked all wheels and indicated both front and rear sensors would not program so they ordered new sensors which would be in later that day. On receipt a different tech checked them and was able to get 3 out of 4 sensors to program.
I’m from old school if it an’t broken don’t fix it but I purchased the new not installed sensor for when another one fails. I may regret that move but figure within the near future I’ll be replacing the other 3 anyway. I just wish this model did not have banded sensors and instead ones on the valve stems.
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The batteries do have a limited life.
As they age the sensors may fall out of sync with the TPMS module. (Why that happens I have no clue)
And my tire store (Discount Tire) has a device to "reprogram" the sensor. Just like you experienced. I have had that done on my DD a couple of times. The reprograming usually lasts and sometimes it does not. More on the RR location than others, for whatever reason.

I am due for a tire replacement soon. When I go in I will have all of the sensors replaced when I replace the tires. That is because the batteries are part of the sensor.

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