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2011 5.0 Mustang GT!!!!

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man, it will be nice to get rid of that piece of crap 4.6L and to be able to polish the chrome 5.0 badge again.
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No kidding! Wonder how long it's gonna take before one of us F/Z guys tries to stuff one into a boxtop?
My Mustang is a 4.0 SOHC v6. I drove one of the 4.6's and for the money the 4.0 was just as good. Mine was stepped up form Ford when new, so it has good performance and the insureance cost is less. Plus it will get 30 plus mpg. Will like to see the 5.0's when they come around.
I was working at the dealership, and had to drive a 2006 4.0 mustang from milwaukee to green bay. it was an automatic, and it was slow as ****... it forced itself to shift at 3000 RPM and it was in overdrive... usually when i stomp on it my 302 with a stock C4 automatic shifts around 5500-6000. even the old german guy that was with me was laughing. keep in mind he's been doing it since his first trip driving a Brand New 1969 BOSS 429 mustang...
Mine is a 5 sp MTX and I will shift it when I feel the need. I do know what you are saying about a ATX car, I have two 93 SHO's, one is a 5sp car with a 3.0 engine and the other is a ATX with the 3.2 engine, the 5sp car will run all over the ATX car. But both will run the Mustang to ground.:mad5:
Just throwin this out there, the new 3.7 V6 mustang has 305HP/380TQ. Thats NUTZ!

[ame=]YouTube - 2011 Ford Mustang V6 Review[/ame]

Here's a dyno run 308/287 at the wheels! Still 31 MPG! WTF?

[ame=]YouTube - First Test: 2011 Ford Mustang V6[/ame]

Of course if the car comes with a V8, don't be a slouch and settle on the V6. The new 5.0 is amazing. 12.7 in the 1/4, faster than Craparo SS and Challenger SRT8 which both have over a liter on the new Stang. I want one so bad!
2011 5.0 mustang

That thing is really going to be a cool sport car. When is it coming out?
the dealership by my house said mid june-early july. the GT will have the base price in the upper 30's
Wow all this talk of 6 cylinder mustangs and 5.0 new to come.... I do it the better way, just obtained a 2009 Ford Shelby GT 500 with 5k miles on it for $35000, now a Shelby is a power house.. Just wondering if Shelby will upgrade it to a Super Snake though I purchased it used?
the funny thing is, your shelby's engine really is nothing more than a Lightning engine with less power...
Ya, but its gotta be faster than a heavy truck.. Shelby won't upgrade a used gt500 to a super snake, only new vehicle purchase. This puppy has upgraded exhaust and other modifications, dyno @ 560 HP.
Check out my Shelby pics on the album.
I have an 11 5.0. Wondering what people think of it now that is out. Mine is Performance White with the 6 speed manual, with Red leather, Nav and the glass top... I love it.;)
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