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I purchased part BT4Z19980W which is the dash control unit. It controls the HVAC, Temp reading on the radio, ambient lights and possibly more. I know thats the part I need because Ford told me so. My question is.. where is it in my vehicle. There was no diagram provided and the only one that exists on the internet shows the instrument cluster in parts. This part is #20 on the diagram. This is not telling me where it is. Is it behind the radio? I don't understand what im looking at here. I'd like to have a general idea of where i'm going before just taking my car apart.

If anyone could help me understand where this part is that would be OUTSTANDING.

(note, this image is from a ford edge but not the limited version. This is the only diagram im finding online)


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You are looking at and have posted a Ford parts illustration. Something that a parts counter guy uses to identify parts. And then gets the part number to place an order.

The service technician uses a shop manual. Comes in a 2 volume set. Volume 1 of 2 is pictured and was taken from an Ebay listing. About $40 each or $80 for a hard copy set. There are some CD sets that cover multiple years. Those are not Ford because the Ford makes a new manual set for each year. If you are going to do your own repairs, get the set. You will need it in the future.

Using a parts illustration to make a service repair is like playing darts with one eye closed. Could work. But not the best situation.

I have never owned. worked on a Ford Edge. Best I could tell you is it is under or behind the instrument panel. In a Fusion it is behind #21.

Good luck

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