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You are looking at and have posted a Ford parts illustration. Something that a parts counter guy uses to identify parts. And then gets the part number to place an order.

The service technician uses a shop manual. Comes in a 2 volume set. Volume 1 of 2 is pictured and was taken from an Ebay listing. About $40 each or $80 for a hard copy set. There are some CD sets that cover multiple years. Those are not Ford because the Ford makes a new manual set for each year. If you are going to do your own repairs, get the set. You will need it in the future.

Using a parts illustration to make a service repair is like playing darts with one eye closed. Could work. But not the best situation.

I have never owned. worked on a Ford Edge. Best I could tell you is it is under or behind the instrument panel. In a Fusion it is behind #21.

Good luck

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