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2150 Carb D7AE ACB

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2150 carb. D7AE ACB. This is a High Altitute carb as found in a 1977 LTD with a 400 motor. Emission calibration is C17XR4. Would anyone have the specs for this carburator? Im sure someone messed with the accelerator pump settings and changed the power valve. I have the specs for a D7AE ACA carb as found in the 1977 Ford Car Performance Specifications book. I was also wondering if the D7AE ACA and the D7AE ACB use the same specs?
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Isn't the adjustments specifically the accelerator pump setting shown in the shop manual?

If I remember correctly -
The 2150 accelerator pump diaphragm has some differences. Most can not be interchanged because the stem diameter or length will not allow it to fit. There are a couple that will interchange and have different characteristics. There is a check ball and make sure that is in place.

If you are sure those are correct then you can move to adjusting the stroke. If you don't know which hole, (You don't have the shop manual and you are waiting for the order to come in) start with a center one and test drive. Or you might be able to see witness marks n the lever showing wear of where the rod has been in the hole

The shop manual doesnt list the settings, or in other words which hole the rod should be in. Like I said, I have the 1977 Ford Car Perfomance Specification book, but it doesnt specifically list the ACB carb. it lists the ACA carb, which is also a high altitude carb, so Im assuming I can use the same specs, unless someone knows otherwise. hence my questions. I also wanted to see what size jets were specified for that carb number if different from the ACA carb. once I take mine apart i can obviously see what is in there and compare.
From the MPC
D7AE ACA and D7AE ACB tag numbers are the same carburetor part number which is D7AZ 9510 G or Motorcraft # CA 1717. The parts list is the same for bother of these carbs.
In addition, there are D7AE ADA and D7AE ADB tag numbers
Those carbs were replaced by D7PZ 9510 BM or Motorcraft # CA 2211. Know that this carb is more of a generic replacement for many applications

When Ford makes so many carbs it was to comply with Federal CAFE laws. Every different power train combination requires certification. Most of those has it's own carb. Replacements (outside of the warranty period) do not require that level of compliance.

I can get you part numbers from that MPC. The MPC does not list jet size necessarily. The jet lists a number like 50F. That may be the size and that may be stamped into the jet. It has been a long time since I messed with jets. And it did not go well.

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Thanks for looking that up. Thats the next thing I am going to get. The parts number book. I see Rock Auto carries a cd- rom version. So by going by the specifications for the ACA carb, someone has been messing with mine, as the pump rod isnt even set close to what the book says.
I bought all of the MPC text and illustrations for Ford and LM from 1960 to 1990.
Got them on ebay and some do not work now. Good to know Rock Auto carries them.

I am not really a parts guy. But need parts to fuel my addiction. With those I understand what changes were made and how some parts are common across different car lines.
A wild example is some Thermactor parts in the early 1970s used on low product models. Namely Mustang and Lincoln. The price difference is huge for the same part

ahhh thats where honda-acura learned it
Yeah except in the used part world it is opposite.
The thermactor pump on a Mark III is cheap to give away price.
On a Mustang with 429 it is triple digit land AND if it is the right date code it is even more money

Exact same part

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