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63 falcon wiring diagram

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does anyone have the wiring diagram for the column.... I goofed when I disconnected the column to install a rack
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Hey there Just_Ed,

Is this what you are you looking for in a wiring diagram?

Hope it helps.


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sorta..... I was looking for one that is more specific to the column... half of the wires are not color matched from the column to the underdash harness
Maybe the T/S switch was "transplanted" from another vehicle?
Looking at the schematic, it is suggested that the colors are a direct match.

Nice info Miss. Did ya have to blow the dust off that book? :yesnod:
there are like 4 wires that do not match.... I also have 2 red and blue wires 1 has a spade connector on it I think it has to do with the N safety, turn the key and nothing
I am now down to 2 wires...... they are red and black one with a spade connector and the other side has a barrel :confused:
Volt meter will tell you if either wire is hot with ignition switch on. K.I.S.S. or you will start sounding like me on the Chebbie Cavalier board, LOL!

("How to become a certified GM line mechanic in one lesson, repeat after me, "There is GM a repair kit for that.")
I don't know why there are 4 wires on the N safety switch??????????? I have it all wired up and now when I turn the key there is nothing.... the oil light is on though.... and I checked the wires and the one for the coil is blinking????????? WTF what is the deal
Sounds like the current is coming through the turn signal flasher. Disconnect the flasher and see if the wire still "flashes".
I had the car on a charger and that was making it blink......does anyone know which set of wires to jump to bypass the N safety switch.... I believe that's my culprit
Ford built the wiring harness so that the safety switch was a "plug in". On the manual trans the two wires that would connect to the safety switch of an automatic simply plug into one another. That bypasses the safety switch.

I too am puzzled by the four wires you mentioned. Still trying to find where my 63 wiring manual is hiding but there shouldn't be any "extra" wires in the bundle that hooks up to the wiring from out of the steering column.

Maybe you could list the colors of the wires you have coming out of the steering column and the color of the wires in the bundle mentioned above?
the other 2 wires are for the back up lights.... there is a part on the shifter rod that moved its not making contact..... don't know why it moved yet

the wires are black and red and blue and red 2 of each
I fixed it....... but now the msd box doesn't work:frown2:
its alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

but my oe coil wire is blinking... I just wired another 12v wire;)
Now come over and work with the wiring in the Chebbie "Cadaver" I was given when my Mustang caught fire. Even the seasoned GM mechanics aren't certain which wire is which, GM kept changing the colors codes.
I'll come over if you tell me why my coil wire is blinking what up with the cadaver
Need some help. I have 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint. Currently both tail light work, but I only the right brake light and left turn signal work. I have replaced the turn signal switch and still have the same problem. Anyone?
There is a nice full electrical wiring diagram booklet out. I've got one, and it's available on Ebay. I've just rewired almost my entire Sprint. Just like your mentioning. Check the ground wire connections in the trunk. Check how the bulbs are seated, that can REALLY screw things up. I had cracked sockets in one and it was doing exactly what your talking about. Do you have good bulbs in the front turn lights in the front bumper? Are they working? Grounded? That's another bummer to watch out for. Had it, seen it.
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