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67 falcon 4 door

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so i am restoring my 67 falcon to a me stat of done. :- )
200 6 3 speed on tree
body in good condition other then so minir fixes here and there
interior needs the most work.
needs carpet
need sets re-padded, need new springs and covers front and back
needs headliner and bows
dash pad needed
need door panel redone

drive train wise it runs great and recently I replaced the whole front suspension, upper and lower arms, inner and outer tie rods and shocks.

looking at blacking out the chrome and painting the car a gunmetal gray but i would like to get/find a external sun-visor for it.
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Welcome to the FFO!!!

Have not seen those visors in some time. Most of them were chrome correct?

The OP may be from down under as well.
However the OP has not completed the profile with location.
Which sometimes is an issue not knowing location in rendering help.

Carpet will go a long way to making the interior quieter and inviting to others.

Here is a kit and was the first thing I saw for 4 door Falcon with column shift. Couple hundred dollars. Two to three hundred seems to be the going price.

If you want you can add sound deadening. Hush mat would be the Lincoln of that type of thing. There are all kinds of sprays, foams and mats one can use that are not as expensive. Not only keeps the sound down it insulates the vehicle as well. If you have AC it may not be that critical. But can help in extreme cold or heat. (I live in Phoenix, we need all the help we can get.)

The string method can be fairly accurate for toe in

Caster and camber not really.

If caster and camber are being adjusted, toe in adjustment would be the last one to make.
Caster changes how the vehicle steers and turns
Camber change how the vehicle steers and impacts tire wear
Toe in change how the vehicle steers and turns and impacts tire wear

I have a 68 4 door built right here in Canada.
68 seems to be rare . Hard to find stuff on internet.
Four door specific parts may be difficult because in the 1960s and 1970s two doors or coupe are in demand.
Not so with four doors.

The mechanical items, especially maintenance items should be much easier to find for both vehicles.

Based on what you posted I would assume there is a charging system issue not an ignition system issue.

If the alternator or voltage regulator stop functioning the engine will continue to operate. Drawing power from the battery.
Isn't there a breaker in the headlight switch?

Brake light - which one are you posting about?

The parking brake or the service brakes?

Do not worry about the number of questions that is OK
However I might suggest a new thread for different questions.
This allows someone later to find that same thing and may be get some insight on what is wrong with their car

Back to your question of the brake light being on inside your car.
This is for the parking brake NOT for the service brakes.
So the brake fluid for the service brakes is OK and no matter how low will never turn on a warning light for a 1967 Ford. That feature did not happen until much later like the 1980s or so.

The parking brake is either partially on or engaged. OR the warning switch in the parking brake handle under the instrument panel is always on. Here is an Ebay listing for the Fairlane/Falcon parking brake warning switch for a reference as to what you are looking for. Follow the wire from the warning lamp to the spring switch and see if the switch is good.

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That is entirely possible too!!! Depends on which warning light "on the dash"

Which is why I included the ebay link for some clarity.

Always start a new thread if the topic changes

The windshield trim?

Go to your banking institution.
Money Orders are good for smaller dollar amount of funds.
The Post Office issues money orders
Western Union issues money orders
Walmart issues money orders

I am sure a seller would take a cashier's check as well

The seller likely does not use any electronic (EFT) means to transfer money. Besides Paypal there is
Electronic checks
Bank to bank transfers

Money orders and cashiers checks are paper authorizations backed by a 3rd party. You give the 3rd party cash. Then authorize the 3rd party to pay a designated 2nd party. Once the receiver (2nd party) gets the paper, they are really getting paid by the third party that issues the money order or cashier's check. It is like passing cash around to different people.

A personal check works the same way. Except real money orders or cashier's checks do not bounce like a check could for NSF.

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Post some pictures

info on upgradeing wiper motor needed..... please direct me someone..... please
What kind of upgrade?
And what do you have now?
Single speed or two speed?

I am not sure there is a physical solution that is easy. Like installing a faster motor or????
You, also my have worn joints in the wiper transmission.

I do have a cheaper and easier solution for that issue that involves none of the wipers.
Rain X or the equivalent Rain-X Original Windshield Treatment Glass Water Repellent (2) : Automotive
It is a glass coating that makes all water bead up and roll off.
If the vehicle is moving the water blows off.
If the glass has never been treated before, a couple of coats may be necessary for full effect.

The stuff is cheap and easy a rare combo in the auto world. Can be found in Walmart or any automotive store.
Rain X has gotten into other areas that are glass related. Get the original stuff.

I have this on my vehicles and much of the time I don't even need to turn the wipers on when it is raining. I usually recoat annually. Just did this on three daily drivers last weekend.

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And as a post script, you might remove the wiper transmission and give it a bit of a cleaning.
That may have some benefit as well.

BTW, i am removing the side windsheld frame covers??? from the front. What is the market for a set of them? plan on making a little cash from them. you can 1 in tha pass floor board.
Also seen in the reference pic.
View attachment 50535
The side windshield frame pr post is called an "Ä" pillar.
As along the side of the car above there are 3. An A pillar, B pillar and a C pillar

You are looking to sell the inside A pillar cover

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