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'76 351m/400

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I am trying to remove the balancer bolt on my 351M/400. I have used every tool imaginable, every penetrating oil, hammer and wrench, tried left to unscrew tried right to unscrew and can't get it off. Any suggestions on what I can do next? The motor was left out all winter by a mechanic we had left it with for installation in a truck and I am cleaning it before sending it off to be redone. Thanks for your help.
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is the transmission still in the truck?
if so, you can have one guy jam a really big screwdriver, or prybar into the flywheel teeth after taking the inspection cover off. that should be enough. i'm guessing you don't have air tools? an air gun would make short work of it...
The engine is completely out of the truck. Is is independent of the trans and the rearend. I have the heads off already.
we have air tools, and have used them. Still the thing won't budge.
Get a long pipe to slip over a heavy half inch breaker bar, then find some way to hold the crank, a prybar set between a counterweight and the block. I would jam it up back towards the rear main so the crank will flex instead of trying to snap the snout off. I haven't had much experience on a 400, but I don't recall a "modern" Ford motor with a reverse threaded harmonic balancer bolt. Rich
we have air tools, and have used them. Still the thing won't budge.
Something that has always worked for me is what they call shocking the taper. Take a brass punch and with a good size hammer and hit the head of the bolt a few times. When using the impact go in both directions with a few short bursts that also helps.
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