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79 Fairmont c3 trans

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Quick stupid question. I just removed my c3 transmission, because the car would die when put in reverse. First of all, could this be a reverse band, or something else? Second, why are there two linkages in the shift link? One is obviously for the shifter, but the other goes to the carburetor. This is my first time doing transmission work, fyi.
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And any tips to convert from column shift to floor shift?
The linkage from transmission to carb is the kick down.
When the carb is at WOT or very close to WOT the transmission will down shift to a lower gear.

There are several reasons for engine stalling in reverse. And probably not the reverse band. And know that all bands do have an adjustment.

Have no clue about successfully modifying the shifter.

Would strongly suggest getting the factory shop manual

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You can find a doner car...even a Fox Body Mustang will have what you need. B&M or other aftermarket shifter kits can help
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