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Hello. I recently joined the forums because i have and issue that i don't know who go to with. My 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0 V8 EFI has been burning oil and it will have a big cloud of white smoke, but it will stop after it warms up. It has sat for 3 months to a year. Is the engine going out, or am i having theses issue because it sat?

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Welcome to the FFO!

Usually white smoke is not engine oil. It would be transmission oil. And can be brake fluid but that is fairly rare.
Engine oil is typically a blue to black smoke

The possible areas for engine oil burning -
Valve stem seals - these will fail after many years and get hard and crack or fall apart. When these fail, the engine oil will burn during high levels of engine vacuum. Idle speed and deceleration. This could happen on a cold engine IF the seal softens up after it gets heated up. Then seals better. The seals can be replaced with out removing the cylinder heads. It is a fairly easy operation.

Internal engine sealing - or excessive piston ring wear. This is seen under acceleration especially hard acceleration which is the exact opposite of the above condition. In this case oil is being suck up past the rings into the combustion chamber. To repair it is a major operation.

Or a gasket leak. Typically a head gasket is leaking near an oil passage and that leak gets into the combustion chamber. This situation usually shows up as a rough running especially at idle be cause the head gasket is no longer sealing well and that cylinder can not get full compression. Head gasket replacement is needed.

Transmission oil getting into the engine. Transmissions that have a vacuum modulator have a vacuum line from the engine to the transmission. If the diaphragm in the modulator leaks, transmission fluid will be sucked up into the engine. Replace modulator, add any lost fluid and the repair is complete.

Brake fluid can be sucked into the engine is the back of the master cylinder leaks into the brake booster. The vacuum line to the booster sucks in brake fluid and ..... well you get the idea .

In all situations the fluid or oil level will be low in the assembly which is another tip off on to which situation it may be.

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