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92 ford flooding

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i have a 92 ford f150 and its flooding so bad that it will not even start unless i take the plugs out and clean them and when it does start it just smokes black smoke and runs real bad so i need help
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I don't remember if you have a carb or injection.

Carb...float levels too high, bad gaskets
Injected....leaky injector(s) or fuel pressure regulator
yea i thought it maybe a injector but all the plugs are wet with gas so it must be fuel pressure regulator iam thinking and hoping so i can get it fixed and is anyway to tell if its bad iam go to change it but have to order it from the dealer ship so iam going to pick up a few used ones from the junk yard and see what happens i have changed i lot of stuff on it so this time iam not going to pay just over $100 bucks and still not have it fixed
Did you try pulling diagnostic trouble codes?
How to pull OBD1 codes in your driveway

Did you check your fuel pressure at the fuel rail?
Autozone and others have a tool loaner program where you leave a deposit and borrow the tool.
Pull the vacuum line off the regulator look for fuel coming out. If the diaphragm ruptured, fuel will be pulled through the vacuum tube into the intake manifold causing the rich condition.
Good point Cuda!
I would follow his advice first, then mine.

I think it could also be a clogged fuel return line, but I suspect that does not happen too often.
the engine light isnt on and when i pulled the vacum line off the regulator it didnt have gas comming out and i push in the valve thing on the fuel rail just i tiny bit of gas come out so if the regulator isnt bad what else can it be but i did how ever run it out of gas so could of the pump sucked up something and plug the regulator how do i check that i do have it off the truck now
I agree with Cuda, that was the most common problem with flooding one of these. If I remember correctly, the pressure regulator is on the driver's side at the rear of the fuel runner. The allen head screws come in from the bottom, so if you have a bit set and a ratchet wrench, that is the easiest way to change it out. May sure your "O" rings are lubed when you reinstall the new regulator, so as not to pinch them .
Only way to check it off the truck is to pull a vacuum on the port. Only problem with that is, you don't know what kind of fuel pressure it is running. I would suggest replacing it while you have it off, but they aren't all that cheap. Another problem could be the MAP sensor giving the wrong reading. I have seen the jelly in the sensor start to deteriate and come out of it, blocking the hose. That will give you fits. Had one eat my lunch when the ground to frame corroded and it would cause the injectors to go to 40ms during crank. That would flood the engine. Can't think of anything else just now, except for the return line that Poppy talked about.
You have two coolant temperature sending units.
One for a guage or dummy light.
One for the (emissions) which allows the computer to richen it when cold simularly to the old choke.

When they fail (usually after being overheated), they read colder and cause it to run rich.:yikes:

(a) make sure your AIR filter is not plugged, it DOES affect a fuel injected engine, to run a little rich.
(b) MAP sensor is always suspect if there is no throttle position sensor code.
(c) The (emissions) coolant sensor is usually less than $20 and has a huge effect on a flooding startup situation.
(d) make sure first of all that its timed and has good plugs and wires.
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