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94 probe camshaft timing marks

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IN response to this question our friend ferratilis posted the answer.


It doesn't tell you in the Haines guide that there is 2 timing marks on each camshaft sprocket, were I have D.O.H.C. (on each cam has a sprocket) and both sides of the sprockets are marked. there is a letter "I" for intake,
"E" for exhaust, On both sprockets and in front of each letter is where the timing marks are. the guide tells you where the marks line up, level with the head But it doesn't tell you, which 2, of the marks are suppose to be the actual ones that are the T.D.C. MARKS that all line up together with the crankshaft pulley and Distributor. For example: is the mark on the intake or exhaust on the sprocket match up with the other mark on the other sprocket that is intake/exhaust ?

If I understand you correctly, than yes, the "I" and "E" marks line up level with the head. See pic below.


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