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'95 Windstar water pump problems

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My '95 windstar is leaking coolant and it looks like it was coming from the water pump.
I did take the water pump out but I couldn't find any leaks there. It looks like it is leaking between the engine block and the housing where the waterpump is bolted on to.
Is this possible? If I remove it where do I run in to?

Also when I removed the waterpump I broke the pipe on the top of the waterpump. Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thanks, Jurgen.
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Once the water pump is off, there really is no way to check it or the rest of the cooling system. Water pumps are a wear item. They certainly leak with use and age. Buy a new pump, put it on and retest.

If the leak remains, it might be the timing cover or gasket. That is more work, and it would be silly not to address the loose timing chain that you will no doubt find once in there.

-The water pump may come with a new pipe. Any chance of a pic?
Pipe on top waterpump

For other persons need this pipe. I just ordered one from the Ford dealership.
The part # is F58Z 18B402 E and they charged me $100.21
If you look on the web I did find one for $85,-

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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