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99' F250 7.3L No Start, among other things馃槅馃槕馃が

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So my husband has a lifted 99 7.3L and he was outside Saturday morning installing the new deck and he (somehow) plugged in the wrong pig tail in the back and fried the new deck..... Awesome right,....but it gets worse!
So he puts back in old deck and everything sounds fine until he tries to start it, and NO START! And after a little inspection he finds that these is no lift pump coming on, no glow plugs coming on, and no tuner coming on either! He checks every fuse, every relay, every obvious thing he can think of only to find no problems so he ends up running a power wire to the battery from lift pump just to be sure that the $1000 Boss fuel pump is working on ok and it comes on that way but not the glow plugs...... Anyone have any idea? We live in a very rural area and are very stuck way out here until we figure out how to fix this HUGE OOPS!!
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Welcome to the FFO!

I would suggest getting a factory wiring diagram.
Mostly because any ideas will be a guess.
I have no clue as to checks to the wiring.
And throwing parts at the problem gets expensive and frustrating.


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What plug in the center of the dash would/could knock all of that out??!!
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