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A/C Blows Hot Air

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My A/C does not get cold. My neighbor was some gauges and told me my system was full. The low side pipe is cold all the back to the compressor, and condensation is on the pipe. How can this be cold, yet my vent be blasting hot?
Low side 29-31
High side 185
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Well if I had to take a stab at it I would look for a frozen evaporator.If refridgerant can't pass thru the evaporator it can't boil away the moisture in the air.Second thing I would look at is the placement of the temp prob.If it has moved or fallen out of the evaporator it cant sense evap temp and shut down the compressor.Third thing would be to check the expansion valve.sometimes they do get plugged with desicant from the accumulator or drier.
If the heater hose is pinched off, the A/C seems to work nicely.
If the heater hose is pinched off, the A/C seems to work nicely.
If the vehicle has a water flow control valve in the heater core lines it may be stuck open.
The other option is a damaged blend door actuator.
That would have been nice to know from the start.That changes everything.I would concure with Cuda.

So clearly, a number of things influence the performance of an A/C. The refrigerant level must be correct, air flow sufficient, adequate refrigerant flow, and proper positioning of interior doors and valves. Thank you for your answers gentlemen!

A reminder to those that have questions:
When asking for help in this forum, please give as information as possible about the vehicle and about the problem. If your question is about an inoperative A/C, pressure gauge readings are imperative.

Please remember that improper handling refrigerant is dangerous and can cause injury. Always wear goggles and wear gloves. Choose to be safe.

  • Frostbite can and does occur when refrigerant contacts skin.
  • Blindness can occur if refrigerant comes in contact with the eyes.
  • Read, understand and follow all safety documentation on the refrigerant can.
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