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Hi everyone.

I have a 1996 Ford Econoline e350 XLT Clubwagon 7.5 V8. I'm looking into doing a twin electric fan conversion. Any tips or advice would be grateful. Perhaps someone has done this before and could tell me what I need to consider. Things like alternator upgrade, best place to purchase and type of fans I would need, and any other installation issues I need to know about.

Thanks in advance

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A long time ago I had a van to tow a larger boat & trailer. The towed load was at the upper end of the weight limit. (7000 pounds) In the summer with the AC on the van would over heat. (Boil over) I drained and refilled the cooling system a number of times which improved the situation but did not make it go away.

I bough a pusher fan and wired it into the AC circuit. When the AC clutch came on so did that fan. The problem went away. What I later discovered (with a IR thermometer) was the bottom of the radiator was much cooler han the rest of the radiator. It has debris caked in there. Replaced the radiator and never had the issue again.

Do make sure the radiator is fully functioning! I really did not need the electric fan after radiator replacement.

Assuming you are leaving the factory mechanical fan, do not have the electrical fan come on based on temperature. Over cooling is as bad as under cooling. Or I wired mine to the AC clutch circuit so the fan ONLY came on with the AC. I am only switching the AC on when it is hot out. The original fan is good enough when ambient temps are cooler.

Fans are rated by size, CFM and RPM. If you are going to do two, remove the factory fan. Then have the one come on at a lower temp. The second kicks on at higher temp like 240f or higher. And this is going to be more complex installation that may not be needed. The factory uses 2 fans in later models on small cars because of space. Small radiator area. A van has a big radiator and one big fan will be sufficient.

I did not upgrade the alternator
I did use a relay. The relay was switched by the AC clutch circuit. Power came off of the starter relay.
These fan kits can be bought on the net and there are lots to choose from

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