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aftermarket ac for 64 fairlane

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my next hill will be deciding to install ac or not what is you thoughts and what fits in this body car 1964 ford fairlane sports couple without building a whole new firewall i see there is vintage air and old air resto mod air ect thanks for any help
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nothing crazy just droped it out fire wall above pass frame was going to put in tunnel but didnt want any water issues in the future ill post picture next time
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working on running defrost hoses been apart to long to remember if one is left side and the other is right or am i missing something these pieces fit in top of dash any pictures or advise would help one requires a much larger duct hose thanks
bought two plastic defrost ducts from dennis carpender for a mustang and messaged them to fit nicely got all new harness post run make sure i have all wires accounted for a few more mock ups and i will tear apart to paint under hood and wheel wells
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was going to do under hood in satin black but starting to lean towards gloss still have a few weeks to decide but started painting some of the small parts in gloss with a rattle can under hood and fender wells will be sprayed
Engine parts can be gloss or satin. Non-engine parts are a flatter or satin finish.

i know but i think it needs a little shine this is not a concourse model :)
received the kit to modify my factory heater controls to work with the vintage air gen 5 i have the blend door switch done and the hot and cold control done need to make some brackets for the blower switch and it will be done ill get some pictures in the next few days and that will complete the ac mock up
another piece completed took about 3 hours but well worth it
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Thanks for the detailed posting of the AC, n looking to do this at the moment but will definitely look into it as someday project.
ready to weld in steering colum plate smoothed out the lip drilled some spot weld holes
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cleaning up my spot welds getting closer to a top coat
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cleaned most of of the front clip and getting taped off and ready for paint need to install 2 sleeves in frame for rack and pinion mounts have 2 caps for the old vent holes in cowl gonna block off may help with rodents getting inside the car also got some new valve covers that are more to my liking also found some g body floor plugs to cap off holes where shocks used to mount
got some icing on the cake today
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