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alarm system no key pad please help

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i really need help okay when i got the car it didnt have no key pad but my boyfriend was in my car today looking at something when he noiced a recever thing above my review mirror he asked if i had key less entry i said no so he followed the wire and it lead to a box that said VALET MODEL 552T but i dont know if it works how it works or even how to get a remote so can so one help me its on a 2000 zx2

i just looked up the manual and i can get key pads for it and i found the numbers for new key pads but when i took the box down and looked at the wires it still looks like some one just put it in the wires on the box aint even striped well sertin ones are hooked up but the one for doors locks to start it and the horn and trunk and bla bla are still like new wires havent been striped ???????????? the ones that were hookes up were the ignion wire,the constant power.......... can i hook up the others and it will work or what do i do??? oh but i have manual locks and windows on my car but i want to changes these to
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Sorry, I don't have personal knowledge but.......I goggle "VALET MODEL 552T" and received quite a bit of info
Look here:
552T Deluxe Remote Car Starter
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