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Big victory I didn't even know I needed

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I spent the weekend tracking down my secondaries on my 4 barrel.

It feels like, while my car is fast, it's just not as fast as it seems like it should be. It felt like I was leaving some horsepower on the table.

So I took my vacuum advance canister apart and replaced it with a lighter spring. This seemed to make the car a little more peppy, faster throttle response and over all a rather cool mod.

But then today I got to thinking about the needle and seat. I replaced the primary just a bit after getting the car as it was seized and the car wouldn't start. But I never thought to check the secondary. Today I ripped that apart and found the thing was locked up tight. Oh man I have been running a 2 barrel on my car all this time.

I switched the needle and seat out with a new one and took it for a drive. Holy crap, I found all of my missing my horsepower. Now the new lighter vacuum advance spring made the car feel twitchy and dangerous.

I switched it back to the stock spring and everything was amazing. It feels like I found 150 horsepower.
Damn this car is fast now.

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Great looking car, glad you have had a victory. It can be the smallest things that nobble performance!
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Thanks for posting your discovery.

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