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My 2010 Escape XLT (3.0 L 2WD) developed a soft brake pedal that got worse. No leaks, so I replaced the Master Cylinder, which did not help. (Yes, I bench bled it) The ABS light had been on for a long time so I had the codes read and the ABS pump was dead. Replaced the ABS unit and used an Autel MX808 to activate the ABS and ABS bleed. Manually bled brakes 4 times. Checked front calipers and replaced both front hoses. One rear slave cylinder looked sketchy so I replaced it. Bled all brakes again. (I have used 3 quarts of brake fluid) Pedal is hard at the top until the engine is started, then the pedal goes to the floor. What am I missing?

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Generally soft pedal is air in the system. And the recommended system bleeding would be done using vacuum not pressure.

Reinspect the system to make sure there are no leaks. Nothing!

Disconnect the vacuum source to the brake booster and check pedal operation

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