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Broken EGR Tube

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Well some of you may remember my post asking what this part was.
91xltlariat was kind enough to post a diagram and answer my question. Which brings me to this reference post. If you just can't seem to locate one of these tubes @ your local auto parts stores. You might have another option that will save you $40.00 - $90.00.Depending on where the break is. Mine broke right @ the nut that connects to the manifold. So after calling every auto parts store within 10 miles of me all with the same answer. We can't get that part. It's probably a dealer only part. Well what you can do is pull out the metal that still in the nut. Then place the nut back on the tube & flare out the pipe with a flaring tool... And there you have it. Part fixed for little to no cost...
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